Sarah Stocking is the managing editor of News & Tech magazine and lives in the Baker neighborhood. She is also a mom, wife and hobbyist!

What neighborhood do you live in?

I live in the Baker Neighborhood

Why Baker?

My husband and I bought our condo about seven years ago for a variety of reasons, the most compelling of which was that the walkability is amazing and the central location works really well for our lifestyle. We also really liked the direction the neighborhood was heading as more development was starting to crop up along Broadway, but we appreciated the preservation of history as well. It was one of the first neighborhoods in Denver, has the most original Victorians and it had been attracting a creative subset of people for a long time. It is also diverse — racially, financially and there are a variety of ages that live here too. We liked the vibe and the people, and to put it simply, we feel very at home here. 

What are your favorite local places?

Metropolis Coffee is our home away from home. We have a small daughter and realized quickly that caffeine was the best way to get through the day, so it’s a true lifesaver. I also work from home, but that means I have to find a place to sit with my computer where my daughter can’t find me. We also love Ironwood for gifts and just seeing what amazing finds the curator has picked. Rejuvenate is a new clothing store that I’m really enjoying. We like Cho 77 and a flick at the Mayan for date night, Gozo when friends are in town and Illegal Pete’s for a sunny Sunday. I could go on and on about the amazing businesses on South Broadway, where we know the owners and employees of the shops. The atmosphere is friendly, familiar and inspiring.

What do you love about Denver?

I love the energy. I love that people here are excited when the weather changes – whether that means the sun is coming out in spring or the snow starts to fall in early winter. I love that so many of the residents are trying to create something for themselves. We have theater, music, art, craft brewers, small boutiques, software startups — if you name it, it’s happening in Denver and many of those endeavors are garnering nationwide attention. People are thrilled to live here and excited to see what they can make of this city. There is a strong history and a beautiful environment, but there is also so much room for creativity and growth and people are taking advantage of that. It’s fun to see and enthralling to be a part of!

Are you from Colorado?

I am. I grew up in Summit County and moved to Denver in 2008.

How would you describe the personality or vibe of Denver? Of Baker?

Overall I think the vibe of Denver is energetic and optimistic. My neighborhood is creative, intellectual and diverse. 

How would you describe your personality?

All of the above! Energetic, optimistic, creative, intellectual, yet laid-back.



Kelley VandeMotter / Baker expert

Kelley VandeMotter / Baker expert


Kelley VandeMotter knows Baker, as a Realtor with Live Urban Real Estate. Reach out to her with all your neighborhood questions!