Golden is an idyllic suburb of Denver in which deep history, vibrant present, and the resplendent outdoors combine. Lauded for its many local attractions, proximity to outdoor recreation, and friendly small-town feel, it is a highly desirable Colorado location to call home.

Named for the rush of gold seekers that flooded to the area in search of riches in the 19th century, Golden was originally founded as Golden City in 1859 and even served as the state’s capital for a time. That history is alive and well today in the city’s many historic districts and in the multiple museums that call the area home, including the Colorado Railroad Museum, Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, and more. Golden is also home to the Colorado School of Mines, an institution highly regarded for its engineering prowess, which lends to the energetic feel of the locale.

Entertainment abounds in multiple forms in Golden. The famous Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre with its inimitable open-air music venue and system of trails is just a quick jaunt away in Morrison. Golden boasts a vast network of trails of its own as well ideal for hiking and mountain biking, and opportunities for rock climbing, river recreation, and much more abound. Dining opportunities are also abundant, as are venues for enjoying craft brews and touring the renowned Coors Brewery.

Golden plays host to numerous subdivisions that exemplify luxurious mountain suburban living. Townhome and condo opportunities can also be found in Golden’s many historic areas. A favorite locale amongst visitors and residents alike and across life stages, Golden represents a chance to live in a lively, enduring Front Range foothills community.

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