Chaffee Park

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A neighborhood with roots in Denver’s mid-century, post-World War II popularity boom, Chaffee Park is a suburban oasis with effortless proximity to all the facets of the Denver living experience.

Comprised primarily of single-family 1940s homes with quaint, friendly traditional characters, this locale has also become a hot spot for contemporary condos and modern townhome developments. It’s a place where residents can comfortably settle into Denver living—a quiet perch with an intrinsically connected feel to its neighboring areas and the multitudinous amenities they offer. It’s also a locale in which individuality can shine, as a jaunt through the neighborhood reveals artistic personality and inimitable style against the backdrop of the neat rows of abodes. This tranquil, yet eclectic feel is further amplified by the neighborhood anchor that is Zuni Park, a sprawling outdoor area that plays host to numerous community events and boasts stunning views of the Denver skyline.

Access to Denver’s network of trails and to major roadways make commutes to downtown and weekend getaways to the mountains a breeze. Chaffee Park has a seamless feel with quick access to its surrounding Berkeley, Regis and Sunnyside neighbors and the exciting restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities they offer. It is ideal for young professionals and families seeking their own personal nook of Denver—a pocket of peaceful suburbia with convenient proximity to the urban bustle.

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