Comprised of some of Denver’s most desirable and distinct locales—areas brimming with historic charm, outdoor recreation opportunities and shopping and dining galore—Northwest Denver boasts a character that is at once unique in its own right and representative of the collective it encompasses.

Within Northwest Denver are numerous neighborhoods with varying degrees of proximity to the heart of the city, but all with effortless connectivity. There is the Highlands with its eclectic neighborly feel, art galleries and community gathering hubs. There is Sloan Lake with its sprawling green spaces and mountain views. There is ever-exciting Berkeley with the buzzy, unique storefronts of Tennyson Street. All of these and many more contribute their singular personalities to the welcoming nature of the area as a whole.

Both cozy abodes and luxurious living opportunities abound in Northwest Denver, with each area populated with diverse architecture including historic Victorians, contemporary remodels and pristine modern structures. There is convenient access—and often easy bike and walkability—to both everyday amenities and the urban bustle of downtown, while bordering I-70 and I-25 make mountain and Front Range getaways a breeze. Pockets of suburban tranquility are paired with the allure of city life. There is an ideal home for everyone—from young go-getters and Denver newbies to professionals and long-time locals alike. The combination of all these myriad parts make Northwest Denver a landmark location for residents seeking to enjoy all that Denver has to offer from their own personal, proximate perch.