Union Station

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When it comes to the Denver urban experience, residents are hard-pressed to find a locale that feels more central to the heartbeat of the city than Union Station. Revolving around the nucleus that is Denver’s historic transit hub, Union Station is a thriving and vibrant testament to the ever-growing popularity and promise of the Mile High City.

Originally opened as the Union Depot in 1881, Union Station itself has undergone significant reimagining and overcome significant hardships throughout its tenure. A structure with a rich history intrinsically connected to that of the state of Colorado, the building reopened after major renovation efforts in 2014. This newest incarnation retains much of the building’s historic structure—including its landmark exterior façade and many of the Great Hall’s stunning, iconic details—while adapting to modern gathering and transportation trends and needs. Today, it is both a central neighborhood landmark and a buzzing hot spot of dining and entertainment in its own right.

Restaurants, amenities, and attractions abound both within Union Station’s neighborhood borders and in its surrounding area. Whether residents are seeking an artisan coffee, a scrumptious brunch, a quick and delicious bite, a craft cocktail, or to luxuriate in a long meal, there are lauded eateries and local favorites at every turn. The shopping is exciting and eclectic both within the neighborhood and at nearby destinations such as Larimer Square. It is an area where a vehicle truly feels optional both with its supreme walkability and its inimitable access to public transportation. Lofts nestled in historic buildings and contemporary high rises with cityscape and mountain views lie waiting to be called home by residents seeking to be immersed in the heart of Denver’s urban action.

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