The mountains emit a special pull for many Denver residents, and the city’s western neighborhoods represent wonderful opportunities to live even closer to those peaks and the ample beauty and recreation that they provide.

West Denver encompasses many lauded, well-known locales with deep historic roots and vibrant small-town character. Golden is a neighborhood steeped in such history with its many museums and the renowned Coors Brewery. Nearby Arvada is a sprawling suburb with its own distinct personality and sprawling parks and outdoor spaces. These and the many other West Denver neighborhoods enable residents to experience close-knit community living while still feeling intrinsically connected to the buzz of urban Denver and the inimitable spectacle of the foothills and the mountains.

West Denver is predominantly suburban with easily accessible amenities and countless local businesses and eateries ready to be discovered. The outdoors play a large part in what makes the area so special, with many of its neighborhoods boasting spacious home lots with vast trail systems just a few steps away. Abundant park spaces make outdoor recreation effortlessly accessible. For residents seeking the sunshine and emphasis on outdoor living that Denver is so well-known for, there is a slice of West Denver waiting to be called home.