Hike Doggie is brilliant for our dog loving community! We were so excited to hear of this local business & what they are doing for our pets. If you love your dog & Colorado outdoor activities then you must enroll your dog in one of these hikes while you are away at work. Your dog will thank you!


Why did you choose your neighborhood to do business in?

We have two Hike Doggie headquarters: one in Golden and one in Baker. This allows us to service a number of neighborhoods including all of Jefferson County and many neighborhoods around Downtown Denver as well. We’ve been expanding to more neighborhoods as interest grows – someone hears about us in RiNo, the Highlands, Cherry Creek, Baker, etc. and their dog becomes a Hike Doggie. Next thing you know, their neighbors see our Hike Bus and their dogs become Hike Doggies, too! We’re thrilled to be growing so fast and providing a much-needed service to these dog-loving neighborhoods!

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

The Denver urban scene is full of people who love their dogs… period! Dogs are in our parks, on our patios, and in our cars. We know Denverites would love to spend every minute of every day with their dogs, but life is busy. That’s where we come in! Our convenient home pick-up and drop-off service makes life simple for busy professionals and lets them give their dog an amazing day while they’re at work. As for the tired dog they come home to at the end of the day… well, that calls for a guiltless stop at the neighborhood brewery on the way home!

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

For starters, we absolutely love dogs, hiking, and Colorado! Coming from the corporate world, we understand how challenging it is to make every day a fabulous day for your dog. Leaving your dog home alone all day fills you with guilt while coming home to a high-energy dog is exhausting. We’re passionate about providing dogs with the pure happiness they find in nature and even more passionate about being able to provide the companionship, exercise, and ‘Colorado Factor’ that dog parents have been looking for to fill their dog’s long day while they’re away.

What inspired the look of your business & the design?

As a convenient dog hiking service, we wanted our name, logo, and Hike Bus to instantly capture what we’re about. The Hike Bus is definitely a head-turner: it’s big, blue, and plastered with happy dogs smiling in anticipation of their upcoming hike! We wanted it to show the happiness we see in our dogs as we take them out. We had a Facebook contest in April and the winners – local dogs – have their photos on the second Hike Bus! Our name is straightforward and our logo is simple yet clever; most people don’t see it, but there’s a hiking boot beneath the dog… look for it!