Edgewater is a truly unique Denver locale that combines a small-town feel with urban, mountain, and aquatic proximity. Encompassing less than one square mile in size yet bursting with local personality, it is a quaint and tranquil town that is often described as a hidden gem.

The history of Edgewater is intrinsically linked to that of nearby Sloan’s Lake, which was created by accident in 1861 after a well-digging project resulted in massive area flooding. Edgewater gained its moniker due to its perch on the lake’s western shore, facilitating stunning views of the body of water as well as the Denver skyline and Rocky Mountains. Otherwise bordered by Denver, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge, it boasts easy access to downtown which makes it popular among residents seeking a more quiet everyday without sacrificing urban proximity. That’s not to say, however, that Edgewater doesn’t boast plenty of attractions of its own.

Many unique local businesses call Edgewater home, including numerous watering holes for residents seeking caffeinated pick-me-ups or local brews. Both historic and newer, yet just as much-loved eateries also populate the area. Living opportunities in Edgewater include historic homes—many of which have undergone modern renovations—as well as newer residences, ranches, townhomes, and more. It is a peaceful, welcoming area that is distinct and up-and-coming on the Denver scene.

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