Electric Dream Boutique Fashion Truck Finds New Store Front in Baker Neighborhood

 Meet the Owner | Adrienne Scott-Trask

Hi Adrienne! How did you start your journey owning Electric Dream Boutique Fashion Truck? 

  • Hi Friends! I’m Adrienne Scott-Trask and I am the dreamer/creator behind Electric Dream Boutique. My background and training is as a fashion designer. I went to Ryerson in Toronto and have a full BA in design and garment construction. Fashion has always been a love and creative outlet.

How did you come up with “Beatrice” for your Truck’s Name?

  • Names for inanimate objects just come to me, they are never hard to think of. In a hippy kind of way, it’s just the name I feel they are supposed to have! You can find the truck schedule on instagram through posts and stories as well as our website has the schedule as well!

Congrats on your New Store Front on South Broadway in the Baker Neighborhood! Why did you choose this area and how has it been having a Brick + Mortar store?

  • I have always been in love with the Baker neighborhood. I am originally from Toronto and when I first moved to Denver, good shopping was hard to come by. When I discovered South Broadway, it was almost a little taste of home for me. Same vibe, very eclectic in terms of what it has to offer. I fell in love immediately. Finding our storefront took about 3 years and there were a lot of things I was looking for that I knew we had to have for our storefront to be successful. I was looking all over the city and didn’t really think Broadway was an option until my broker presented our current space and said it would be right next door to a new Snooze that was going in which with our fashion truck had always somewhat been our unofficial partners and business model…parking outside busy brunch spots. So, when I heard that it felt like the stars aligned and it was just supposed to be our space.

Location: 101 N Broadway #7, Denver, CO 80203

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home?

  • I am not! I am Canadian and from Toronto! I have called Denver home for 11 years now. I started off in Cap Hill, moved out to Congress Park after that and am currently in Commerce City. I don’t think I have found my permanent spot in Colorado yet. As much as I have loved city life, I am ready for a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

What are some of your favorite looks you have in the store this fall? 

  • My favorite look for fall is torn up, comfy high waisted jeans paired with a cute, fun, colorful sweater. Layer it with a shacket or vest and accessorize with a good hat or beanie and some chunky boots or chucks! I think this fall is all about comfy, cute and cozy!

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a Business Owner?

  • So many I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The city of Denver still to this day is not welcoming to fashion trucks. They are actually really awful to us.  I have barked up every tree to make an official permit happen but after years of fighting, I gave up and just know where I can and can’t be. It is very limiting and hard to run that part of my business. After running it for 7 years I still get tickets and kicked out of spots. It’s been really disheartening as a female entrepreneur creating something really cool and different that’s something super unique to the city and having the city trying to do nothing but shut you down. As much as the city of Denver has this liberal, supportive appearance from the outside my experience with them has been the complete opposite.

What are some accomplishments you are most proud of? 

  • The community I have created. I didn’t know with our brand would also come this following of amazing humans who support us and really help set the vibe for our business. We have attracted an amazing group of people.  Also, my employees. I love being able to employ people and know that I help create a job for them that helps provide for their livelihood. My employees also have been just amazing people who have been so incredible in helping our business grow and support the storefront in such an amazing way. The people aspect of my business has been the most amazing thing to see. It’s like it’s own little eco-system.  I moved here 11 years ago with nothing, had to restart my entire life and to see this business grow from a little online nobody with no sales, to a truck, to a storefront in one of the coolest parts of town is wild to see. I am just so grateful that Denver has embraced us and supported us so much!

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?  What other Denver Businesses do you think we should highlight?

  • The vibe in Denver is evolving and still so new. With the amazing changes and growth Denver has experienced in the last decade alone it is bringing vibes from California, Texas, NY….all over and it has this hybrid vibe of all these different flavors and styles from all over and it’s cool to see it all coming together. I think Denver is still figuring out its identity but am loving all these contributions from all over I am seeing. Anything really goes here these days, you have a little bit of everything!

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