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A family-friendly haven to the east of downtown Denver, Central Park is a sprawling modern community filled with living opportunities for residents across age ranges and life stages. Consisting of 12 distinct neighborhoods and brimming with opportunities for dining, shopping, and outdoor recreation, it is a conveniently located locale that continues to grow in popularity and appeal.

Named for the 80-acre greenspace at its core, Central Park is situated on the site of the former Stapleton International Airport, which was decommissioned and replaced by the Denver International Airport in 1995. The area underwent a massive transformation to become the master-planned community that it is today, and it is filled with an array of housing options and an abundance of open spaces. Apartments, condos, and single-family homes abound in Central Park, providing a variety of living options for young families, new homeowners, and other residents seeking a slightly more suburban feel without sacrificing connectivity to Denver. Perched with ideal access to the city’s downtown amenities through effortless public transit options, it evokes the feeling of being both part of the Denver sprawl and one degree removed from its hustle and bustle.

Dining and shopping are abundant in Central Park, which boasts numerous hubs ripe with entertainment opportunities. Outdoor enjoyment is also a cornerstone of the community with a massive number of parks, playgrounds, pools, bike trails, and more. It is a versatile area in which there is always something to do—whether it’s within the neighborhood’s boundaries or just a quick jaunt away—and it remains a popular, family-oriented living choice within the Denver city limits.

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