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Wheat Ridge is a locale that continues to distinguish itself amongst Denver’s suburbs. A relatively young city with a commitment to evolution, it’s an area that offers access to the dual urban and natural attractions of the Denver area—alongside its own growing local identity.

Located five miles northwest of downtown Denver and perched near the foothills, the Wheat Ridge area boasts both beautiful western views and a rich agricultural history. What were once the area’s namesake golden ridges of wheat have also played host to orchards and a variety of types of produce farms over the years. It was even a thriving floral destination post-World War II that was nationally renowned for its famous carnations—a distinction that is honored annually with the city’s summertime Carnation Festival. Today, Wheat Ridge has a largely tranquil, suburban feel that’s complemented by an increasing energy and excitement around its main street area. Emphasizing increased walkability and friendliness to cyclists and pedestrians, this main thoroughfare plays host to many community gatherings and events throughout the year.

Wheat Ridge is also characterized by its effortless access to neighboring locales via nearby major roadways and abundant public transportation. Trails likewise connect Wheat Ridge to Golden and the foothills, making it ideal for residents seeking a quaint community feel along with proximity to the urban bustle and outdoor, mountainous escapes.

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