Harvard Gulch

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A south Denver neighborhood that combines vibrant energy and peaceful urban living, Harvard Gulch is a largely quiet and charmingly historic locale. Filled with quaint turn-of-the-century homes and structures as well as modern renovations and new construction, it is a lovely slice of the greater Denver area.

Often referred to and conflated with the Rosedale community, Harvard Gulch is just a quick jaunt away from the heart of the University of Denver campus. This collegiate proximity gives the area a hum of excitement, but not so much to disturb the prevailing peaceful setting. This is thanks in part to the area’s namesake Harvard Gulch Park, which boasts numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation both relaxing and high-energy. Within the park, which stretches across multiple blocks, are sports fields, trails, and lush expanses of grass. It also houses the Harvard Gulch Recreation Center with its popular pool as well as a golf course.

Harvard Gulch also benefits from the excitement of nearby South Broadway with its many eclectic local dining and entertainment options. Connectivity to the larger Denver area further adds to the locale’s appeal as a wonderful living opportunity, whether residents are seeking a tranquil bungalow oasis or a gateway to the bustle of urban Denver.

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