What is Denver Vibe all about? 

The personality of a neighborhood is born from the people and the businesses within it. This blog is a place to showcase Denver & all that it has to offer-  the people, their favorite local places, and striking images of the neighborhoods so you can decide where to live, where to hang out and what your experience could be.

We believe that a neighborhood’s culture and vibe is intrinsically defined by the people who reside there and the local businesses within. The individual personality of a city is a mixture of its people, food, architecture, arts and its pace. This is what we feature visually through images, video, and interview profiles.

Our mission is to paint a flavorful picture of Denver’s different urban neighborhoods so when you are ready you know where you want to live based on the real personality of the neighborhood & how that is a fit to your lifestyle. Of course, we would love to be the ones that help you buy & sell too when that time comes! 

We hope you enjoy the beauty in these images and that as a collective whole we can showcase all that Denver has to offer in a unique, organic and genuine fashion. It is our colorful personalities combined together that create a vibe, and here we like to call that the Denver Vibe.

Nicole Rufener – Founder & Denver Realtor 

Nicole Rufener is the founder of Denver Vibe. She has a passion for cities & the unique vibe each big city has. This started years ago on a trip to Seattle when she stepped off the plane and immediately recognized a very specific personality to the city and the locals that was much different from her hometown Denver. As she continued to travel to different cities she became more and more obsessed with finding a way to capture the essence of the unique personality of each city. 

Nicole has been selling real estate for over fifteen years, and she is a contract & negotiation specialist. When Nicole isn’t hosting open house events, showing Denver area properties, or negotiating contracts on behalf of her clients, you might find her checking out the latest foodie destination with her husband Paul, strolling with her sweet daughters Poppy & Hazel & her adorable Frenchie Ollie around her City Park neighborhood, or hosting brunch or a BBQ at her house for friends.

Antoinette Wharton – Senior Editor & Denver Realtor 

Native of Colorado, Antoinette has been in love with living in Denver for over a decade. Her entrepreneurial and adventure-minded spirit keeps her constantly seeking new opportunities and exploring this gorgeous state. Her passion is deep rooted in connecting with people, learning their stories, and being a resource to them whenever possible. Being a Denver Vibe contributor allows her to do all the above, as well as gain a platform which connects people to their neighborhood. As a real estate professional, Antoinette believes in the vision that Denver Vibe provides a space to showcase the multifaceted personalities of the city.

“We really want readers to FEEL what each neighborhood is like when they read our blogs and watch our videos of the people who make this great city what it is. Nicole and I both love learning the stories behind businesses and lifestyles. Getting to express them in a way that a larger audience can get to experience it is why we love Denver Vibe. It’s a vehicle that not only allows newcomers to get to know the city, but for the natives, too. We highlight YOUR neighbors and the local businesses you may or may not have heard of. All the while, cultivating unique relationships with our readership.”

Vibe on us. 

It was cosmic fate and an instant connection was made when Nicole and Antoinette met. Their collective passion for helping people, love of travel, and of course, real estate were just the beginning pieces of a tremendous partnership. Nicole’s visions and beliefs in the business and life resonated so highly with Antoinette, she knew they were meant to be connected.

“Our personalities complement each other in so many ways, both personally and professionally. We can be very yin and yang at times, and still vibrate on the same level with a great deal of similarities. It is truly a breath of fresh air to have a business partner with the same wildly extraordinary goals for how they want to live their life. We both exercise so much care and compassion when it comes to helping our clients, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.”