A quiet haven sometimes overshadowed by its lively, buzzy neighbors, Cory-Merrill is a locale that abounds in diverse architecture—both old and new—and in family-focused living opportunities. The site of a recent surge in residential redevelopment activity, it is both an ideal perch from which to enjoy Denver work and play and an area that continues to refine its own contemporary personality.

Whether you’re part of a young family, a long-time local, or a new resident seeking to make a real estate investment, there are homes for individuals across generations in Cory-Merrill. While much of the post-WWII residential housing has been replaced, a variety of approachable and historic properties remain, including bungalows, ranch homes, and Colonial or Victorian abodes. Numerous custom-built properties have arisen in recent years—stunning structures that exude luxury and modernity. While these styles may juxtapose, a common neighborhood characteristic is large lot size. This allows for outdoor living opportunities, spacious front yards, and lush streets that give Cory-Merrill its peaceful residential feel.

Cory-Merrill boasts easy access to a plethora of nearby attractions and amenities, from Washington Park to the University of Denver, shopping, restaurants, and many more. It plays host to its own community gems as well, such as the local Veterans Park, all the while providing abundant public transportation options that make commuting to downtown and the Denver Tech Center a breeze. With a character steeped in family and tranquility, it serves as a portal to Denver living as well as an up-and-coming locale of its own.

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