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The Highlands is a Denver area abuzz with rich history, day-to-day excitement, and the inimitable energy of Mile High City living. An incomparable blend of urban bustle and residential tranquility, it is one of the most consistently noteworthy and sought-after locales in the Denver sprawl.

A North Denver neighborhood with a history that is foundational to the city, Highland was incorporated as its own city in the late 19th century before being annexed to Denver. Today, the Highlands moniker is commonly used to address a larger area that encompasses both Lower Highlands (LoHi) as well as West Highlands. While all connected in proximity, these areas do each have their own distinct characters that all contribute to the overall nature of the Highlands.

From stunning Victorian homes and grand Queen Anne abodes to charming abodes and newer apartment and townhome developments, the area is ideal for young professionals, families, commuters, and anyone seeking a unique slice of Denver to establish as their own. For residents, this slice includes effortless access to a positively electric blend of lauded eateries, independent shops, art galleries, and all manner of craft concoctions. The Highlands boasts an impressive abundance of lively dining and gathering offerings per capita, from bars and restaurants to cafes, breweries, and more. Smattered across the locale, these exciting venues radiate the welcome and energy that the area provides—all parts of an enticing whole that showcases the artisanal brilliance and diverse nature of the Denver area.

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