Walking around Uptown one is sure to notice the beautiful Merritt House that is now home to The Woodhouse Day Spa. Woodhouse is famous around Denver and it’s a destination for locals and visitors alike. The Merritt House is a historic home that was originally built for Senator Merritt in 1886. As a spa,  the ambience is the most important factor that creates the experience for its visitors, and we believe we’ve created just the right atmosphere. Walking into The Woodhouse you immediately feel like you have stepped into another world which is the first step into leaving your stresses behind and pampering yourself. So go treat yourself (because you deserve it!) or give the ultimate gift to someone who would love a day at The Woodhouse Day Spa!


Tina Lovelace, Owner

The Woodhouse Day Spa

941 E. 17th Avenue





WOODHOUSE OUTSIDE #2What neighborhood is your home or business in?  

Uptown (Swallow Hill).

Why Uptown?  

I fell in love with the Merritt House upon first sight many years ago. The house embraced the concept of a beautiful spa and could be easily converted into one. 17th Avenue has become revitalized in the eleven years we’ve been opened. With 17th Avenue being a one way street leaving downtown, it gives our business a lot of great exposure to potential clients.

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle? What inspired the look of your business?

My husband and I love old properties, and the Merritt House was built in 1886.  Our guests feel at home when they are there, and we love to discuss its history and past. We believe when you go to The Woodhouse it should be about a wonderful experience from the moment you step in to the time you leave and beyond. Ambiance is a big piece of that along with how you’re treated and we work hard to ensure that we excel in those elements.

Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?  

I love to host, and my Woodhouse Day Spa allows me the opportunity to do that every day!  I’m also very passionate about our team. I’ve surrounded myself around wonderful people who I consider my family. I’m extremely proud of them and what we’ve built together over the last eleven years!





A huge thank you to Sandi Klatt, a Realtor with Live Urban Real Estate, for her interview with Tina & the Woodhouse Spa! Sandi lives and sells in Uptown and knows it better than anyone. If you have any neighborhood questions reach out to her!