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Centrally located in the heart of Denver, Alamo Placita represents a tranquil escape from the bustle of many of its neighboring locales. Populated with an eclectic collection of historic buildings brimming with personality, it’s an area that’s come to be known as a haven for settling down and settling into Mile High City life.

Alamo Placita is often lauded for its distinctly urban, yet neighborly feel. Technically part of the larger Speer neighborhood, it is often referred to as Governor’s Park given its close proximity to the historic Governor’s Mansion on 8th Avenue. But the area is historic in its own right, with the Alamo Placita Historic District being unanimously designated by the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission in 2000. Delving into the significance of the area unearths references to some of Denver’s most high-profile figures, such as Robert W. Speer. This history shines through at every turn in the neighborhood through its stunning structures, from turn-of-the-century bungalows to Tudor-style, Spanish Mission-style, and Queen Anne abodes. While there are also modern developments in the neighborhood, it is predominantly made up of these character-laden dwellings situated on peaceful streets with wide sidewalks and abundant trees—distinct in comparison to its more contemporary urban neighbors.

The locale’s namesake of Alamo Placita Park is full of vibrant flora and established trees, and it is considered one of Denver’s most idyllic and picturesque venues for outdoor relaxation and recreation. Numerous casual eateries, cafes, and unique shops further the independent, welcoming feel of the neighborhood, while its ideal central location makes it a prime area for commuting by bike, car, or public transportation. It’s easy to enjoy living in Alamo Placita—a picture of tranquility and community nestled in the Denver cityscape.

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