Meet Nate Ewert, one of Denver’s most highly-acclaimed massage therapists, and one of the founders of intuition healing center.

What neighborhood is your business in?

We are in the Historic Baker Neighborhood, off of 4th and Broadway.

Why was this neighborhood chosen for your business?

We were looking for a space we could grow in and a neighborhood that was growing and transforming as well.

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

The Baker neighborhood has been in redevelopment over the last few years and the block we are on is one of the last to be updated. There are so many great restaurants and businesses along Broadway there and the architecture is beautiful. Its also just a really cool area and centrally located. We were excited to be a part of it and bring our unique healing atmosphere to the area.

Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?

I started my journey in bodywork and healing 15 years ago. After working in many venues and even teaching massage for years, I knew it was time to do my own thing. I started SS Performance Massage just over three years ago, renting space from a gym in the Jefferson Park area.

Two Years ago I teamed up with Zach Rehder, founder of Intuition Healing Center and Mallory Asti, founder of Sole Healing Reflexology. We all work under the Intuition Healing Center umbrella and have a thoughtfully created a space for healing and expansion. We all know that the body is far more capable of healing than we give it credit for and have our own unique ways of showing people the possibilities for that. When we moved to the Baker location we were able to have space for a classroom to offer Tai Chi classes, group breathwork, group sound healing meditations and have others from the community come in to teach various topics on healing.

I personally am passionate about sharing the gifts I have been given to as many people as possible and through this space and community I can do that. My sessions use hands on massage techniques, movement assessments and coaching, sound, and energetic facilitation to allow for an unparalleled bodywork experience that encourages your healing capacity to operate at its fullest.

What inspired the look of your business/the design of your website or brick and mortar location?

We didn’t have much choice in the curb appeal of our location but were fortunate to have found a very eclectic building. One of the biggest draws for us is that on the front of the building are hands in the glass and metal exterior! It was definitely one of the many signs that we belonged here. As for our websites, we each have our own, and they do reflect our personalities and visions for what we provide. The interior of our office was designed as a calm, sacred space for people to feel safe to let go of life’s stressors and have more of who they truly are.

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