Meet Jimmy Callahan, the owner of critically-acclaimed and uber-popular local restaurant Leña. Jimmy’s definitely not a newcomer to the restaurant scene, and he followed up the huge success of his first Denver venture, Prohibition, with the opening of Leña, which is located on central Broadway. If you haven’t tried out his amazing menu, handcrafted cocktails and in particular the Ceviche de Pulpo served with house-made Plaintain Chips, just go. Now!

What neighborhood is your business in?

Leña is in the Baker neighborhood.

Why was this neighborhood chosen for your business?

Baker is fun, vibrant, and has many different types of business, but it definitely needed more restaurants!

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

The neighborhood is full of young and fun people that are really into food.

Why are you passionate about your business? 

I have been in this business almost 25 years and I still get excited to work everyday!

What inspired the look of your business/the design of your website or brick and mortar location?

My travels inspired me.  Also, different restaurants around the country have influences.  I am redesigning our website at the moment.