If you are looking for a neighborhood restaurant in Wash Park perfect for connecting with friends & family then you go to Carmine’s on Penn for family style dining. Maybe you are looking for that intimate ambience for a special date? Carmine’s is definitely the place to go to cozy over family style dining for two. No matter what the occasion Carmine’s is a great place for connecting with others over good quality food. While dining there you can also do so in good conscience as Carmines values making their employees happy and giving back to our local community. They are high quality all around and we like supporting businesses like these!


OwnerBradRitter1The restaurant was originally opened in 1994 but Brad Ritter took it over in 2006. He committed to keeping the roots of this local Wash Park restaurant while adding his touch. He shares his story & passion for the business with us today.


Why did you choose Wash Park to do business in?

We chose to purchase an existing business in this neighborhood. The setting is unique, friendly and matches the surrounding area, while being convenient to population centers such as downtown.


What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

Everything at Carmine’s is inspired by family and togetherness, and Wash Park really embodies the idea of a close-knit community. Any day of the week, you’ll see people engaging with each other – families taking a stroll, friends gathering at the park, and neighbors chatting with each other from their front porches. It’s a wonderful neighborhood to be a part of, and we definitely feel a sense of belonging.


Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

We want to offer the best experience we can within our concept, the best food we can afford to make and serve, and the most friendly, relaxed atmosphere where we allow the personalities working to shine through. We also want to offer our employees a good place to earn a living.


What inspired the look of your business/ the design?

We simply tried our best to clean up and make the existing space work efficiently. Our hope is that the restaurant feels relaxed and comfortable.

saraQuestions about Wash Park? Reach out to Sara as she is a local Realtor who lives in Wash Park & knows all the neighborhood happenings! livedenverteam.liveurbandenver.com