Denver is full of young professionals enjoying life to its fullest. Michael Ball is just that. Full of life and taking advantage of all that Denver has to offer. Michael shares with us his favorite things about Denver, best local places to visit & his take on what it feels like to live in our growing city.

What neighborhood do you live in?

I have lived in University Hills/Wellshire, Prospect/Downtown, Lincoln Park/Golden Triangle, Park Hill and I currently live in the Wash Park neighborhood.


Why did you choose Wash Park?

The top two requested neighborhoods from my clients outside of Downtown are Capitol Hill and the Parks. I wanted to experience true Denver living outside of Downtown and came across a great opportunity to live in Wash Park. I enjoy park days and running in residential neighborhoods that have great architecture. Wash Park offers the best of all worlds!


What are your favorite local places?

I have been a part of some amazing gyms around town. So far, I have had great experiences at GenFit, Blunt Force, Push Gym, Eastons and QiFlow.  I really like Hornet Brunch, Historians and Illegal Pete’s on the Broadway strip. Downtown I enjoy Mile High Spirits, Ophelia’s, and I have had some great times at Star Bar. When I want a taste of home, the Chicagoland area, I go to Mile High Vienna Stand for Italian Beef with sweet peppers!


What do you love about Denver?

I moved to Denver for my love of skiing. I stayed in Denver for the summers and weather.  Summertime in Denver is amazing with the great weather and the people have the best attitudes of anywhere I’ve ever been. Friendly with a touch of carefree ease and excitement for the tremendous growth opportunity, a sense of genuine happiness and contentment.


Are you from CO?

I am from DeKalb, IL, home of where barbed wire was invented, Cindy Crawford, and Northern Illinois University. It is a farm town and when I was raised there it had a great sense of community. Growing up if felt like my parents knew everyone in town every time we went out.


How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Wash Park?

I describe Denver as young, optimistic, fun, and thriving of opportunity.  It is a great place to be in business if you are a hard worker and ambitious. Wash Park is a true testament to this. The neighborhoods are peaceful during the week and at night you see young families walking with children and dogs, living in their dream homes in their favorite neighborhood. During peak hours and weekends there are hundreds of fit folks working out and fun energetic people hanging out, taking advantage of the park and enjoying life. I love the parks in downtown Chicago, but the parks here are completely different, a one of a kind experience.  


How would you describe your personality?

I am a hardworking young professional excited for the opportunity to get established in one of the best cities in the country, at one of the best times in the market right now. The growth is so exciting, I love networking with all the people moving here and experiencing this ever changing part of the nation over the past three years. I like outdoor activities, sports, going out with friends, networking events and getting creative with ways to grow my business. I believe the most important thing in work and life is to give and to serve others. Genuine customer service is one of the most satisfying experiences for me.