Lisa Figlino owns three of Denver’s best boutiques nestled in our urban neighborhoods. If you are looking for that perfect gift or little something for the littles then you must pop by Wish Gifts in Bonnie Brae. If you desire something with a west coast or east coast attitude within a reasonable budget you must shop W Boutique located on Old South Gaylord St. If you really want top end women’s original designer items then Wish Boutique located on Old South Gaylord is your place to go. All three stores promise an exceptional shopping experience that won’t disappoint so grab a coffee, a friend & head out to do some shopping!

IMG_1807What neighborhood is your home or business in?  

Wish Gifts is located in beautiful Bonnie Brae. We moved to our current location from Old South Gaylord Street, just a few blocks away, in July (2016).

Why was this neighborhood chosen for your business or your home?

Our owner, Lisa Figlino, was raised and continues to reside in Bonnie Brae. This neighborhood is not only very loved personally, but Lisa feels very honored to be part of the business community.

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

Bonnie Brae and Wash Park have a very local charm. The windy streets, tall trees, Circle Park, Wash Park, restaurants that have been favorites for decades (especially Bonnie Brae Tavern)- all make this area so appealing. We are a small, local business in the neighborhood that we actually live in! It is the definition of local and we love it.

Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?

We own Wish Gifts and then our two clothing stores on Old South Gaylord Street, Wish Boutique and W Boutique. We offer the very best in clothing and gifts, with unsurpassed customer service. We truly appreciate our neighbors who choose to shop small and as a result, our small business employs over twenty people and gives back to the neighborhood schools and businesses.

What inspired the look and design of your business?

At Wish Gifts, we spend time on our look. We want our little boutique to feel like home when a customer enters. We welcome you, learn your name and help you find the perfect gift. Our boutique is styled in a very unique way- much like a home. We take pride in telling little stories with our merchandise. Our gifts should look pretty and charming, throughout the store, and be clean and orderly. Shopping should be enjoyable and easy. When a customer likes spending time in our store, smiles or laughs, there is no better compliment to us.

melissaMelissa Sullivent lives & sells real estate in Bonnie Brae. She knows it better than anyone so if you have any neighborhood questions reach out to Melissa!