Recently opened in the Cole neighborhood, Jack Rabbit Slims is a perfect addition to the area with a relaxed vibe and a perfect space to catch up with friends while playing a round or two of pool. With a name derived from everyone’s favorite classic movie, Pulp Fiction, the owners promise to try their best to live up to the fun and revelry! Be sure to mention you’re a Denver Vibe reader for a discount of two for one beers when you check out their bar.

Why was Cole chosen for your business or your home?

We heard about the space being available and did some research and found that there was an amazing opportunity in this neighborhood for a pizzeria and bar. We wanted to take advantage of that to offer the area a new and fun atmosphere for hopefully years to come!

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

We are family owned and operated. This neighborhood is all about community and family, so that fits perfectly with our way of doing business. The people that come in have become family to us from the moment we’ve met them and we’ve been grateful for those instant connections.  The people we meet range from those who have lived in the area for over 30 years to a young couple who just arrived from New York, so there’s an eclectic mix which fits well with our inclusive mentality. Our ultimate goal is to provide a place where our neighbors and friends can relax, have a great time and enjoy a quality meal!

Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?

I worked in the industry in college and my son has worked in the industry for 15+ years. Fittingly, my husband loves beer and pizza, and also our daughter has a learning disability and has had a hard time finding a job. My son and I have wanted to do this for a long time and we as a family decided it was time, especially with the added benefit of providing my daughter with a fun career. People thought we were crazy to be together all the time, but that is just how we are!

What inspired the look of your business?

I have a passion for decorating and love a challenge. This place was all of that and more, and at the same time we wanted to repurpose as much as possible. Almost everything in the space is re-worked or donated, including the bar wall which was originally fencing! The tables are also homemade, so there is really a true rustic element to everything we’ve done with the place, and we want that to be represented with our fun and laid-back vibe!

paulWant to know more about what is happening in Cole? Reach out to Paul, a Realtor & Cole local with any of your questions!