Meet Christe Chen, a Cory-Merrill local. Christe is the owner of Sweet as Pie which delivers delicious southern baked goods to your home. If you want something that looks as good as it tastes you must give Christe a call! Words do not give her work justice so take a look at her culinary skills on her website. The photos will leave your mouth watering!


What neighborhood is your home or business in?


Why did you choose this neighborhood?

When I was working out of the shop, I chose the location because it was close to home and I felt the neighborhood needed a place they could go and get coffee or something to snack on. There isn’t a lot in the neighborhood that’s walking distance so I wanted to place something there. However, now that I’m only doing deliveries, I do feel that I will probably keep the majority of my customers in the neighborhood now that they are aware that I can do their baked goods for all occasions and am in the neighborhood.  

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

I really liked that the neighborhood is family oriented. That is partly why I chose to move there myself. I think that baked goods have the ability to bring people together, whether its for a party or just for coffee. I like that the neighborhood is full of dog walkers, baby walkers, runners, etc, people who spend time in the neighborhood, as opposed to just in their homes and their cars.  

Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?

I spent many years in the finance industry, not really enjoying or feeling passionate about my job. I know this is the case with a lot of people, but I didn’t want it to be the case for me. I decided to go into an industry that I really liked being a part of. I love to bake, as well as cook, because I like making people happy through food. I love the reactions on people’s faces when they eat something delicious. I also am a huge foodie, which helps. I grew up in the South, where food is a really big deal!

What inspired the look of your business?

I wanted something cute and fun. As for the brick and mortar store, I knew that I wanted it to be “rustic” but not too serious. I think that’s why we went with all of the different colors but also making sure we put a lot of detail into the millwork. As for the website, I felt that graphics were most important. When people search for a bakery, they want to see pictures of things of what they’re about to eat, like the saying goes, “you eat with your eyes.” I felt that was important for people to know what the product was going to look like when they ordered something from me. I also wanted people to be able to see the quality of work they would be getting for custom orders for things such as birthdays or weddings. I also like how the website gives you an idea of things that we offer without having to show an extensive menu.