If you don’t know Megan you have to meet her! She describes herself as driven, somewhat introverted & with a wicked dry sense of humor. If she is introverted she hides it well as she is one of the most successful, stats savvy, well spoken & hilarious people we have come across in the real estate & title industry!

Megan lets us in and gives us the lowdown of what it is like to live in Green Mountain. The Summit sounds pretty magical and fun to me. Thank you Megan for giving us the inside scoop on why you and your family live there, as well as why many of us should consider it too.

What neighborhood do you live in? 

The Summit on Green Mountain in West Lakewood

Why did you choose that neighborhood?

We chose this location as I am a sales person with a very large territory that has run anywhere from Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Golden, Lakewood and into Cherry Creek with our corporate training facility in the Tech Center. Green Mountain is the perfect place to hop on 6th Ave to get to Denver, C-470 to go south, or I-70 to head up the hill for a weekend getaway. Proximity to commute routes is perfect, and allows us to have a more relaxed atmosphere outside of the city. Quite frankly, we’ve never been cool enough to live in Central Denver and we like the maturity in our neighborhood. We are west side of town people.

What are your favorite local places?

We really like a Cuban restaurant off Alameda and Union, Frijoles Colorado Cuban, here is their facebook page Frijoles Cuban Colorado. Family owned and operated. Super friendly community hang out!

What do you love about Denver?

I’m a 4th generation Colorado native, the only way I’m leaving is if I’m getting kicked out. It’s the biggest small town I’ve ever lived in or visited and as a former flight attendant, that’s a lot of places! You can’t beat the atmosphere, weather and general nature of our city.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Your neighborhood?

The vibe in Denver is a laid back, melting pot of ever growing migrants into Denver. With a lot of people moving in from the mid-west and California there is an entire culture emerging of outdoor, craft beer, entrepreneurial and highly educated people. Our neighborhood is an awesome mix of original homeowners who bought 25 years ago, and are now empty nesters and retirees and mid-thirty somethings with young kids. Everyone is into the outdoors, and since many people don’t have fences in our little inner ring of this neighborhood we spend a lot of time watching the kids run through our backyards. It’s an awesome community.

How would you describe your personality? 

Very driven for success and somewhat introverted with a wicked and dry sense of humor. It’s not uncommon for us to play practical jokes in the neighborhood, we’ve been known to instigate some shenanigans.