What neighborhood do you live in?

Congress Park is home to Cafe Max, my coffee shop and restaurant, and though I live in Cherry Creek currently, I will be relocating to Congress Park soon.

Why did you choose Congress Park?

Though I like Denver in general, Congress Park was the first Denver neighborhood I lived in. I like its centrality, love its architecture, and see it as a growing place. People are moving here. People want to be here.

What are your favorite local spots?

I love St Mark’s, Thin Man, anything in the Bluebird Theater district: places like Hooked on Colfax, Fat Sully’s, Goosetown Tavern.

P.S. We love your vibe!  What inspires your style?

I grew up in New York City where my mom was a fabric designer for Ralph Lauren. She also used her talent to make our clothes. Anywhere you looked, you would see patterns, fabric swatches. Needless to say, she was very into fashion. And her own passion introduced me to and inspired my love for style. It oriented me toward my current way of life. I attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, which nurtured my love of design: fashion, of course, but also art and interior design (since all of these art forms overlap). Style is a lifestyle. Style is anything from how one carries oneself to how one chooses to pair clothing pieces to how one sees the world and incorporates fashion into it.