Jon Mohr and his fiancé are residents of Congress Park and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as well as the convenience to downtown and other popular parts of the city. With two large parks in walking distance of their house, their large pup loves it too! Here they share with Denver Vibe their favorite characteristics of this historic neighborhood.

Why did you choose to live in Congress Park?  

My fiancé and I began renting in Congress Park, before later buying, after we looked to move from Capitol Hill. Congress Park offered a quieter, family-friendly neighborhood that had a handful of great neighborhood institutions and accessibility downtown. Being close to Congress Park and Cheesman Park while owning a 65-pound dog has also been a huge value. Also, My dog’s walk is consistently extended because of all of her friends that we meet.

What are your favorite local places?  

Can any assessment of great restaurants in Congress Park not include Shells and Sauce?  We also enjoy going to Southside Bar, Atomic Cowboy, and The Good Son.  We’re fortunate to be next to Endorphin to work it all off and stay in shape!

What do you love about Denver?

Denver has an incredible energy and a population that really values living over working.  It also has a caring, community-focusing feeling derived from its small town roots.

Are you a native?

Denver born and Fort Collins raised

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver?

Do you mean “How am I going to justify going to a concert, sporting event, and food and booze event in the same week to my wallet?” In all seriousness, it’s great to see so many events in the city and people willing to not only attend but be enthusiastic about making it a part of a fun-filled life here in Denver.

 How would you describe your personality?

Sociable and extroverted, which is obviously a perfect match for a city like Denver, with plenty of things to do and see, and other people always willing to join.

Is there anything else you would like to add about what you do/your business or the neighborhood/city?

I work in development for a human service nonprofit that aims to ensure all people have the opportunity to be successful and economically self-sufficient. It is these kind of businesses that I think really give Denver its reputation of having a caring and kind atmosphere.



Questions about Congress Park? Reach out to Sara as she knows all the neighborhood happenings!