Frank & Roze | Meet the Owner | Brenda Godfrey

Hi Brenda!  Can you tell us your story leading up to owning Frank & Roze?

Hello!  I’m Brenda Godfrey, the owner of Frank & Roze Coffee, located in the 9+CO development, at 9th & Albion.  Together with my husband Stephen, and our culinary partners Tom and Diane Coohill, we’ve been serving this wonderful community since 2019.  Prior to opening Frank & Roze, I spent the better part of two decades working in the commercial real estate industry with a focus on the restaurant sector.

I was fortunate to visit communities all over the country and experience a wide variety of café culture, the result of which was a notebook stuffed with ideas, photos, sketches, and recipes.  Traveling each week for work meant missing precious time with my family, so I decided to leave my corporate job and turn that notebook into a business plan for a café here in my hometown.

For those who haven’t visited us yet; Frank & Roze is a woman-owned coffee bar and café, infused with a bright, elevated French-inspired ambiance. Indulge in a delightful morning with our world-class coffees, crave-able cuizine and fresh house-baked pastries, brunch offerings paired with seasonal mimosas, or lunch with our intentional fine selection of wines. No matter the time of day, we look forward to welcoming you to Frank & Roze.

Why did you choose the Hale Neighborhood for your business?

We chose the 9th and Co. Development because of its unique and convenient location and the potential to grow with our new neighborhood. Over the past four years, we have enjoyed meeting so many of our neighbors, and are thrilled to have played a small part in creating an opportunity for friends to meet and enjoy some time together as well as make new friends.  We are happiest when our guests see us as part of the fabric of what we think is a great neighborhood and look forward to many more days serving our community.

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home?

I am from Lewistown, a very small town in Montana. My Husband Stephen and our two sons, Max and Jeffrey, settled down in Lowry, just minutes from Frank & Roze.

What are some of your most popular Food + Drink items you serve?

So many come to mind with this question! In regards to our food I really have to mention our partnership with Tom & Diane Coohill. Tom & Diane have operated their restaurant, Coohills, in lower downtown for about 10 years and are the inspiration behind our menu. Tom’s culinary skills are legendary, and he guides our scratch kitchen to offer top notch cuisine fit for all taste buds.  We’re most known for our breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, and Frittata. Our pastries are baked in-house daily and usually sell out by late morning. We also offer decadent lunch sandwiches and hearty salads to match each season!

Can you tell us the importance of ethically sourcing your food? 

We ensure our coffees are grown with sustainable farming practices and only buy green coffee from traceable sources to ensure fair and competitive prices are paid to our farmers.  We tasted, roasted and blended fourteen different versions of our Espresso Roast until we were satisfied that our blend would produce a smooth, full bodied, and sweet shot of espresso each and every time.

While lattés and cappuccinos are the clear fan favorites, our single origin coffees are rich and smooth and we are proud to serve these by the cup, as well as with freshly roasted bags of whole bean coffee to brew at home.  Our cold brew is also a local favorite.  We steep our brew for 20 hours resulting in a coffee that is rich yet smooth.

And we can’t forget about our house-made syrups! Our neighborhood fan favorites are Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Ganache and our famous Vanilla. Be sure to check in each season for our seasonal syrups developed and collaborated on by our entire team. They’re just so dang good!

What challenges have you experienced along your journey?  

The first twenty years were the hardest!  In all seriousness, the hard work and sacrifices required to build a successful career in commercial real estate as well as raise a family were most intense in my 20’s & 30’s.  It required relentless commitment to setting goals, maintaining priorities and staying on course.

What would you like to promote that you have coming up? 

You really have to check out our space to appreciate the beauty of it. We are proud of the aesthetic of our venue which leads to the perfect spot to host your events! We offer both lively public neighborhood gatherings and elegant private events, ideal for celebrating special occasions, galas, or unforgettable parties.

Our baristas are muti-facited not only trained in coffee, but also in fine dining service ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. You can choose from three different event experience packages tailored for any occasion. Each package includes access to our truly exclusive (and mouthwatering) event food and beverage menu. Looking for more than a venue? We can plan your entire event including entertainment, photography, social media promoting and more!

Learn more on our website. We’d love to host you.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

Denver is a city with a laid-back and friendly personality. Denver tends to be outdoorsy and health-conscious, taking advantage of the city’s proximity to nature and the Rocky Mountains. Denver also has a reputation for being environmentally conscious and our food scene is booming! Additionally, there’s a strong sense of community pride, with a focus on local businesses and events and we can really feel that right here at F&R.

What is the Website to follow for “Frank and Roze” ?

You can order online via our

If you’re looking for fun coffee content and humor, be sure to check out our instagram where you can definitely get a feel for our atmosphere and even check out how we include our customers in our content!


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