Matt Turner started with $500 in shop tools and now owns $50,000 in shop tools one and a half years later. His business, Whiskey & Wood, has exploded and he is currently working on furnishings for a restaurant in New Orleans. His custom handcrafted work can also be seen in Purple Door Coffee, St. Kilian’s & numerous homes in Denver. Sloan’s Lake is where Matt resides and some of his favorite local Sloan’s Lake places are SloHi & Toast. While working internationally, Matt has been shot at, been around land mines and almost been kidnapped! He enjoys being safe and happy in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood.

Matt Turner | Whiskey & Wood


Why did you choose Sloan’s Lake to do business in?

Matt wanted to live and work in the same place. Matt previously worked for an international nonprofit (public health and economic development) and visited countries that included Kenya, Haiti, Somalia and Rwanda for two months at a time. He gave up his international position when his son was born. Matt also loves to bike (he takes his son Lawson with him) so being close to bike paths and other local businesses was ideal for him and his family.

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

Handcrafted wood working is trendy and the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood is trendy. Matt is living in his target market. Surrounding neighborhoods also love to support local business.  You can purchase one of Matt’s custom cheese boards at St. Kilian’s in Highlands Square. You can also spy his work at Purple Door Coffee.

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

Matt is passionate about Whiskey & Wood for many reasons. Working from his home studio allows him to spend time with his son. Matt makes everything custom. His pieces are something he can make and see in people’s homes in the community which brings him pride. He also continuously develops goods relationships with customers – they become friends while he’s working on their orders.

More of the story: Matt intended for Whiskey & Wood to be a hobby and his business has really exploded. Eighty percent of his work is custom pieces for local businesses and families. Almost all of his business has come from referrals.

What inspired the look of your business & the design?

Matt describes the look of his business as very hipster. He goes on to say Whiskey & Wood’s design could be described as a rustic, western frontier concept combined with gentleman flare. Matt tries to capture these ideals into his work. Most of his customers are hipsters. Half of what he creates is made out of whiskey barrels.



Bobbi Kim is the Sloan's Lake expert.

Bobbi Kim is the Sloan’s Lake expert.

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