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Hi Nancy!  Can you tell us your story leading up to owning “Dutch and Deckle”? 

I grew up in the paper industry and have always had a passion for fine paper and planning. I inherited the habit of writing letters and cards from my mother and my grandmother. They always reiterated the importance of the written word and for something to be authentic it needed to be written down. Additionally, we were constantly required to write Thank You notes when people did something special for us.

I now have three daughters and I have carried on that same tradition with them as well. We are all passionate letter writers, and we love beautiful paper, planners, and stationery. As the Director of Western Sales for Mohawk Paper in NY, several of my clients were in the planner vertical. I worked closely with them and educated them on the importance of using superior paper for their brands as paper is the key ingredient for planners and the primary canvas for documenting daily routines and goals. It truly makes a difference! I helped them elevate their businesses and suddenly thought I should be doing this myself! Hence, the birth of Dutch and Deckle in 2021. The name is derived from my last name (Dutch) and Deckle is a reference to the rough-torn edge that is featured on specialty artist paper. It is symbolic of premium paper quality.

 Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home? 

We moved to Denver from Orange County CA in 2019. I graduated from University of Denver, and it was always my hope to eventually return to Colorado. When our 3 daughters all graduated from college and landed in Denver it was sign that we needed to be here. We love it here and have not looked back!

We currently live in the Alamo Placita neighborhood in Denver. We chose this area as we love to walk and wanted to find a neighborhood in the city where we could walk to everything. This area met our criteria, plus it is very charming with wonderful tree lined streets and incredible neighbors. 

How does sustainability play a role in your business?

All our products are made in the USA which is extremely important to our company. Paper is the main ingredient for our planner. Our paper is manufactured in upstate New York by Mohawk. Every year the mill is required to go thru an extensive certification process with the FSC (Forest Steward Council) The FSC sets the standards for responsible forest management and requires the paper mills to conduct annual audits to ensure they are practicing environmentally sound manufacturing practices and protocols.

Additionally, our Dutch and Deckle Signature planner is a very sustainable product, where the client has the ability to purchase a planner insert (3, 6 or 12month) that slides into the back pocket of the planner cover therefore the cover is re-purposed and only the paper insert gets replaced. This reiterates our commitment to sustainability for our business.

What are some special occasions that your planners can be used for?

Our products make wonderful gifts for any special occasion as the exceptional foil customization makes the product very unique and shows the recipient that you took the extra step to create a treasured gift. We also offer a wedding planner that is the perfect gift for the newly engaged. This comprehensive book features every detail to ensure the journey of planning the wedding is a success. This has been an extremely popular item for Dutch and Deckle. We have even had brides purchase custom journals to give to each member of their bridal party making for a very special wedding memory.

What are some of your most popular items?

    1. Wedding Planner 

    2. Dutch and Deckle Planner 

    3. Journals

    4. New Pens and divider tabs

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

An amazing city that offers something magical for everyone. We have everything ranging from exceptional restaurants, shopping, museums, to stunning neighborhoods lined with spectacular architecture. The consistent sunshine along with the Bluebird Colorado skies makes this a very special place to live. 

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