Meet Frank Locantore, a City Park West/Uptown local. He is incredibly involved in his local community. “I have just started my fifth year on the Uptown on the Hill board, the last three years I’ve been fortunate to be president. I term-limited myself to allow a new president, Chris Chiari, the privilege of bringing new ideas and energy to the community. In April of 2015 I got my dream job to work with the Colfax Business Improvement District (CBID) to help make the Colfax community a clean, safe, vibrant, friendly, and unique place to be for businesses, neighbors, and visitors.”


What neighborhood is your home in?

City Park West

Why did you choose this neighborhood?

When we were looking for a place to live we circled areas on a map of Denver to show the neighborhoods we’d want to live in. We chose areas that were close to a park where we could walk our dogs, access bike and bus routes, and in walking distance of shops, pubs, restaurants, and other amenities.

What are your favorite local places?

It’s near impossible to choose favorite local places, but I will say that I love the fact that it is easy to support local, small businesses and more difficult to frequent national chains. I can buy my clothes, food, beer, coffee, and more within a short ten minute walk or less.

What do you love about Denver?

I love that we can walk around in the middle of winter, in the middle of the night and be comfortable.

Are you from Colorado?

No. I’m originally from Long Island with “stopovers” in Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Of Uptown?

I would say that Denver “plays on the upbeat,” or, “energy forward.” We typically hear people say that we are an “active” population: snow sports, hiking, climbing, camping, etc. In Uptown, with a population of about 11,000 people, it can have some of the same energy as downtown, but that is tempered by a much more mature neighborhood evidenced by more trees, parks, and older homes. With that comes a real neighborhood feel where you know your neighbors and business owners.

How would you describe your personality?

I like to say “hi” to people and get to know them.




Sandi Klatt is our Uptown girl who knows everything about this hood. If you have any questions about Uptown don’t hesitate to ask her!