Meet the Owner of Silver Light Media | Aryonna Richard

Hi Aryonna! What was your journey like starting Silver Light Media?

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me! Hi, my name is Aryonna Richard, and I started Silver Light Media in 2012 while in college at Boise State University. I was the youngest employee at the marketing firm I was working at during the time, so the owner assigned me the management of social media accounts. I grew to love this style of marketing and wanted to be able to help businesses on a larger scale and in my own way, so I left that job to start my own company at twenty years old. My mission with Silver Light Media is to create inspired connections. I believe in more than helping clients sell products and services; my goal is to help them foster relationships and build brand loyalty that translates online and offline.

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home?

  • I’m a Wyoming girl born in Cheyenne. I grew up visiting Denver regularly and dreaming of moving here one day. I’ve called Capitol Hill home for about seven years. I love the history of this neighborhood most of all and enjoy walking around looking at the vibrant architecture, visiting local restaurants and coffee shops, and Capitol Hill’s close proximity to downtown Denver.

What are some of your favorite Marketing Campaigns for Brands or Events you are most proud of?

  • Recently, I’ve enjoyed being the marketing manager for The 9th Door Capitol Hill, which makes the neighborhood’s most delicious tapas. I would frequently visit, and one day, the chef and owner, Brian Murphy, contacted me to discuss building a more substantial online presence. I suggested an online marketing plan emphasizing Instagram growth strategies, local SEO, and positive online reviews. I love walking by and seeing the entire restaurant full most evenings.

    Another recent marketing campaign I’m proud of is for Urban Dogg, a local pet grooming and supply store with two locations in Uptown and Washington Park. Urban Dogg is one of the only pet groomers with same-day availability that is also open seven days a week. When speaking with the owner, we discussed their high volume customer needs. I suggested a holistic marketing campaign integrating social media growth strategies, PPC advertising on Facebook and Google, and print material reinforcing their online promotions. I’m thrilled that both locations are seeing consistent new customers from the marketing strategies I’ve suggested. Loyal customers also love the rewards they receive by engaging with Urban Dogg’s social media accounts.

    On the event side, I was recently the PR/Marketing Manager for the sold-out 7th annual Denver BrunchFest. Event marketing can be a little trickier, but I absolutely love it. When it comes to event promotion, a solid promotional kit is vital. I created a kit for influencers and one for all the restaurants that were a part of the event, filled with image assets, suggested text, and ways to customize the content to their specific feed.

    I significantly emphasized influencer marketing for this event to help spread the word. Partnering with local content creators, many of whom had attended the event before, allowed for an organic and authentic way for people looking for things to do in Denver to discover the event. Another trend I’m loving right now is collaborative promotional Reels on Instagram. It was so fun visiting the restaurants who were participating beforehand for a sneak peek of what’s to come and highlighting their lovely locations.

If a Company wants to use Silver Light Media for their marketing, what can they expect and how can they get started with you? What all do you offer? 

  • When working with Silver Light Media, You can expect a personalized experience based on your specific needs. My company is a boutique marketing firm that caters to a smaller number of clients in a more customized way. Usually, there is an initial call or in-person meeting to discuss the potential client’s needs, frustrations, and goals. After that, I create an initial proposal of service. Then, there is typically a review period, a contract is signed, and then services begin. To learn more about services, the best way to reach me is to call 208.284.5570 or email

    Silver Light Media offers social media management, public relations management, influencer marketing plans, PPC on Facebook and Google, local SEO, branded print materials, and one-on-one coaching.

What are some accomplishments of Silver Light Media you are most proud of?

  • I’m very proud to be celebrating over a decade in business. When I started Silver Light, I wanted the company to last through my twenties and into my thirties. I’m honored to have worked with hundreds of businesses nationwide and had multiple clients for over five years. I’m passionate about seeing marketing strategies grow month after month and year after year.

    These last few years have been particularly rough for business owners. I’m proud to have helped many clients survive the pandemic and thrive. To be a marketing solution that provides a great return on investment and gets people to see social media in a different and exciting light.

    One of the highlights of my career is when I gave a 90-minute presentation on social media best practices to a Fortune Five Hundred Ballet Franchise using analytics and example posts from a year’s worth of campaigns to show as an example to the other franchisees. It felt amazing not just to reference general social media support but to know the advice I was sharing came from other studios that saw success from those strategies.

What Businesses or Events are you Promoting Coming Up?

  • Next, I’ll be the public relations and marketing manager for the Mile High Grilled Cheese and Mac Festival on Saturday, October 21st, at Auraria Campus – Tivoli Quad. Don’t miss the chance to attend this food festival celebrating the diverse and vibrant grilled cheese, mac & cheese, and craft beer on the Front Range.

  • Purchase tickets here.  

  • Silver Light Media is currently taking on new clients. In the past, many businesses have taken advantage of my holiday season special, where I offer three-month contracts for a limited time before the start of a new year. Mention you read the interview in Denver Vibe for $50 off any signed agreement.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

  • The vibe of Denver is energetic, eclectic, and vibrant. The city is a melting pot of progressive people who want the draw of great entertainment, music, dining, and the ability to escape the mountains to take in the Rocky Mountains’ beauty truly.

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