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Meet Denver Business Owner Sara Studzinski

Hi Sara! Can you introduce yourself to our readers

  • Hi, friends! My name is Sara Studzinski and I am the owner of Tiger’s Eye Brow Studio, a permanent makeup studio in the heart of Denver. I originally started off as a cosmetologist straight out of high school and did all kinds of things cosmetic and aesthetic. Then, when I moved to Colorado, I focused only on barbering. When I found out about microblading, a permanent makeup technique for brows, I thought I might be good at it and decided to pursue it to see where it led. That was over 6 years ago.

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home?

  • I’m originally from South Jersey and moved to Denver in 2012 with my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband! We just bought a house in West Westminster last spring. We originally bought out here because we did not want to buy a house for a million dollars in Wheat Ridge or Sunnyside haha, so it wasn’t necessarily at the top of our list as far as neighborhoods go. Now we absolutely love it and it’s getting super popular because it’s gorgeous, has a ton of open space and is still close to the mountains.

Where are you located? And why did you choose that neighborhood for your business?

  • My business is located in Capitol Hill. I chose to keep it there when I moved because I adore the area and feel it’s a great, central location for my clients. I love being able to leave the suburbs and come downtown on a regular basis. It keeps me feeling like I am connected to my community and to the city of Denver.

What are some popular services you offer?  Any advice for those that haven’t tried Permanent Makeup or Microblading but are looking to?

  • Well, I only offer permanent makeup services for brows right now and I’m really not sure if I’d like to expand to other services. I enjoy perfecting just eyebrows and have found that that by itself has been challenging enough through the years. It takes a ton of practice, finesse and hands on experience to really nail the techniques that are required to create truly great PMU. For advice, I would say, research your artist extensively and follow their work for a while before booking!

What challenges have you experienced on your journey? 

  • Permanent makeup is an extremely challenging career. You are basically tattooing someone’s face, so it’s important to continue to better your technique and keep up on continuing education to provide the most ethical service to your client. I think the biggest challenge is going up against my own self-criticism everyday, but that is also one of the things that allows me to be good at my job, so it’s something I try to keep in check when necessary!

 What are some of your career highlights?

  • The biggest highlight is every happy client that comes back to me telling me I changed their life for the better. Music to my ears!

 Do you have anything exciting coming up this year?

  • Well, funny you ask, because my husband and I just opened up a new business! It’s a food truck called Peppy’s Italian Ice. Italian ice or water ice, as they call it in Philly and South Jersey, has definitely been missing from the Denver Metro area and it is my favorite treat by far. If you love water ice and want to find us, follow us on Instagram @peppys.wooder.ice

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

  • I think Denver is a super inclusive place to live. But it’s not easy to make it that way and to keep it that way. There are so many incredible people working super hard everyday to fight for inclusivity and equality. The vibe of Denver is progressive for now, and that’s certainly an important thing that I require from a place where I’m going to reside.

What is the Website/Instagram to Follow to Book your services?

Please follow @tigerseye.browstudio on Instagram and you can book at www.tigerseyebrowstudio.com Thanks so much for featuring me!

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