Meet “The Denver Haberdasher” | Alvin Cooper III

Founder of ‘CStyled”


Can you tell us about your back story on your passion for fashion that inspired you to create”CStyled”?

I am a Denver Native that grew up going to fabric stores with my mom; who made most of my clothes as a young child. Picking out clothing patterns and fabrics was my early introduction to fashion design that eventually lead me to my current career as a haberdasher.

I started CStyled in 2013 after helping a friend update his style, then witnessed how much it boosted his confidence. My next step was to find a brand partner that could make my custom clothing.  I, like a lot of guys, have a hard time with off-the-rack fit.  Plus, what guy do you know  enjoys going to the mall?  If I could provide reasonably priced custom clothing requiring no trips to the mall, I knew I had a winning combination. 

You also have a passion for Travel and Cocktails. What is your favorite Cocktail? And What is your favorite place you have traveled? 

My favorite drink of choice is one of my 50+ single malt scotches from my home bar, “The Original Cooper Lounge,” followed by my love for classic and vintage cocktails. When I am out, a Vieux Carré is my first choice closely followed by a Manhattan on a large rock.  I still go back to my cocktail roots on occasion which calls for a classic vodka martini, shaken, very dry with three olives. 

Picking a favorite travel place is really tough to say because there were so many great things about all the countries I’ve been to.  I realized in 2019 that I had checked off all my “bucket list” places and had to create a new list. Here are places I would like to go back to spend more time exploring: Iceland, Scotland, Italy, France, China, and Cuba.

What’s your process like when you style someone?  Both for you and the customer?

Let’s start with how I style myself.  I usually pick one clothing item as my inspiration and build from there (I.E. Hat, Jacket, Shirt) . Footwear is a big driver in my daily style inspiration and I have over 150 pairs of shoes so there are days where I stare aimlessly at my shoe collection trying to figure it out.

To me, shoes can make or break a look and people always notice your footwear.  After that, I would call my style a modern twist on the classics, you will almost always find me wearing a jacket or layering piece.  Hats are also a big part of my style and complete my look most days.

For clients, it really varies because it’s never about me.  I tend to be the haberdasher for the everyday guy that wants to look put together, just doesn’t know how nor has a lot of time.  I want my clients to feel confident when they walk out the door in something I have put together. I tend to elevate them from where they began in their style journey.

How can people book your services?

Reach out via my website or Instagram @alvincooper

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home? 

I am a Denver native and one of those statistics who lives within 3 miles of where you were I was born. I live in the Golden Triangle Neighborhood near the Denver Art Museum. I chose the Golden Triangle neighborhood because it’s the cultural center of Denver.  The State Capital, Civic Center Park, Denver Art Museum, Clyfford Still Museum, and some of the best art galleries are all in the neighborhood.

It’s urban, but still has green space and so much to offer. It’s also easy to go any direction when you need go somewhere in Denver or beyond.

What do you love about Denver? How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? 

I love how Denver has grown up and become a city with so much to offer.  We have easy access to nature, great sports teams, arts and culture, a dramatically improved food scene, breweries and distilleries, and, not to forget, great weather.  

The personality thing is a tough one!  Maybe dog loving, nature, craft beer/cocktail, outdoor patio, creative, entrepreneur, style is all over the place, & everyone is welcome.

What are your favorite local Denver spots you want to shout out?

My favorite spots to hang out besides my neighborhood are Cherry Creek North and Denver Union Station area for great shopping, restaurants and bars.  Favorite restaurants are Cuba Cuba,  Root Down, Sushi Den,  Bistro Vendôme, Lo Stella, DiFrancos, and so many more. 

I am not a big concert guy, but I try to get to Red Rocks Annually. Typical Denver guy I am not, meaning every weekend being spent hiking, camping, mountain biking and skiing, but I do enjoy getting up to the mountains and tend to spend most of that time in Vail.

 I am a big cocktail guy and we have a lot of great spots to visit like Death & Co, Cooper Lounge, and several Speakeasy’s that I am not sure I should mention (maybe I’ll invite you). 

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