Meet Kyle Waller |  Author of Dystopian Fiction Novel “Ward” 

Hi Kyle!  Can you tell us your story leading up to becoming an Author and your new book  “Ward”?

Hey everyone! My name’s Kyle Waller and I recently moved to Denver having spent the past five years in Los Angeles (your traffic here is amazing, BTW). Depending on your hearing I have nine different accents and three nipples (though you’re not seeing the third nipple unless you’re going to pay, rent’s not cheap after all).

Being an author is something that’s come naturally to me – frankly its hard to imagine my life not being one. I write because I don’t have a choice – NOT writing, for me, is to disrespect the gift of writing that’s been given to me by God to show other humans. Everyone has gifts and knacks for doing things in this life, suppressing them only creates a lot of pain inside you. “Ward” wasn’t the original book in the series that I first wrote, but it ended up being the first book in the series that’s been published. The original idea for everything leading up to Ward and the books before started back in High School in 2010.

What is “Ward” about?  Why the dystopian genre? 

Ward is a dystopian nightmare set in the city-prison of Sacramento, California. Within the walls three gangs are vying for ultimate control: a Roman-inspired death cult, cannibal Vikings, and a paranoid mafia syndicate obsessed with pyrotechnics. Caught in-between the chaos is Tangro Primary Five, a resistance fugitive, and the Angel of Death, a woman of mystery, correct grammar, and over-the-top violence when necessary. For any chance of escape, the Ward must either be united or one side must reign supreme. Who wins? I don’t know, I just wrote the book.

 How can readers purchase / read your book? ?

You can easily go on Amazon at the link below and it’ll take you right to my page: Ward by Kyle Waller

What other books have you authored?

My first book called “The Commentaries” came out when I was sixteen years old. That book came out through a vanity press (in the writing world, they’re the types of publishing houses that overcharge you to publish your book – people not to be trusted). Since then I’ve authored books such as “Hacker’s Remorse” (which I’ll be rewriting soon), and “Dum Spiro Spero.” All are available on Amazon.

How has depression informed your work going forward?

The version of ‘Ward’ that’s currently available is actually the 3rd and final version. The original two were full of darkness, negativity, despair, pain and a lot of anger. All those emotions were dominating my life and, therefore, dominated everything I wrote. You cannot create something that you’re not – it’s simply not possible. One of my Aunts made a comment about the first version that bugged me to the core: “I have to already be angry or in a bad mood to be able to read your book.” I couldn’t let that line go, but at the time, neck-deep in chaos and negativity, I couldn’t understand it. Having come out of most of that darkness now, and reading my old content, I still can’t believe that’s the man I once was. The old versions of “Ward” allowed me to reflect back and see my growth – but the future’s what’s the most exciting to me.

How has Utilizing Stress Management Techniques helped you in your journey?  

I’ve been practicing them for the past three years. With the exception to my personal faith in God, Transcendental Meditation, the technique in question, has allowed me to learn how to manage stress, turn it into something healthy, and find ways to have virtually limitless energy. Twice a day, 20 minutes per session, and soon you’re able to see your life in a new lens that’ll open the doors for you to grow in ways you couldn’t see possible. I’m the CEO of a consulting firm, Consciousness Bureau, that’s working to introduce the TM Technique to the Greater Denver Area. Here’s the link to the TM Official Website.

Are you from Colorado? What neighborhood did you choose to call home and why? 

I was originally born and raised outside Napa, California. I spent the past five years in Los Angeles (two of those working as a case manager for the homeless on Skidrow). I only recently moved to Denver a couple of months ago, though it’s been in my heart to live here since I was child. Only at this point did it finally fit within my life’s purpose to come here.

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

Denver’s “vibe” is a lot more relaxed compared to the hustle of Los Angeles (your traffic is 100X better by far). I very much enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, it’s a big city but not too oversized and crowded to where you can’t go anywhere. Your breweries are amazing and I’m looking forward to exploring your local winery, bourbon and coffee (especially coffee)

What is your Website or Social Media to follow ?

 Come follow me on Instagram, I’m most active there:


Closing Remarks:

What you want out of this life will not be given to you. You must work exceptionally hard for it, everyday, and never give up. Learn the words Empathy, Love, Perseverance, Consciousness, and Faith. You must find your passion, your gifts in this life, and find a way to get paid for it. Find yourself, who you really are. Live through love, live consciously. When you encounter fear, persevere and fight through it – all you want is on the other side. Make it happen.

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