‘Fetch Photo Truck’ is Denver’s Only Mobile Dog Photography Studio 

Meet the Owner, Ryan Erickson

Hi Ryan!  Can you tell us your story leading up to owning Fetch Photo Truck?

I’m Ryan Erickson, photographer, owner and number one belly scratcher for my 6 year old black lab, Henry. I’ve been a professional photographer for 16 years.  Up until three years ago I was a wedding photographer photographing 35 weddings a year.  During the pandemic, the event industry was crippled and it really forced me to think what else I wanted to do with my life and career.  During a bbq with friends we were talking about how much we love our pups and all of the experiences that we enjoy giving them.  It was there that sparked the idea of switching to photographing dogs!

As Denver’s Only Mobile Dog Photographer- Why did you choose a Mobile Platform for your business?

I was inspired by food trucks and how over the last 5 years, chefs have created deliciously amazing experiences by stepping out of a brick and mortar restaurant and offering their creations in a pop-up environment.  I knew that I wanted to work in a studio environment with the control that I have to shape light.  And I knew that I didn’t want rent studio space or consider purchasing a storefront.  So, I played with the idea of putting a studio in an enclosed travel trailer and there Fetch was born!

What areas do you serve?

 My normal radius is Denver, Boulder and Castle Rock and am happy to travel outside of that for a travel fee.

What are some occasions that would be great to book a Dog Portrait Session for?

I see clients who come to me with their pups at all stages.  From new puppy to a sweet senior pup.  I’m a new studio so I am looking forward to future years where I get to see dogs come back for new portraits as they get older.

What does the studio look like? 

People say that they are surprised by how spacious the trailer feels inside.  The enclosed trailer is 18ft x 7ft x 7ft.  It is heated and air conditioned so that I can comfortable shoot year round.  One half of the trailer is set up with a stage for the dogs (and their parents) with my lighting hanging from the ceiling.  The other half is my viewing space with a projection screen and benches to view and order the photos the same day. Last Summer I had the trailer’s exterior fully wrapped with dog photos all over.  I love seeing people do a double take when they pass me on the highway.

Are you from Colorado? What neighborhood did you choose to call home and why?

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs.  I moved to Denver in 2000 to attend the University of Colorado Denver where I finished with a BFA in Fine Art photography.  One of the best decisions that I was fortunate enough to make was purchasing a home in Ruby Hill 14 years ago.  It’s been fun to watch new restaurants and cafe come in over the years.  I live a few minutes away from Levitt Pavilion and have loved going to concerts there.  I really love the shops and venues on South Broadway, it’s been fun to see that area south of I25 really explode.

Do you work with any other types of animals?

I sure do!  I feel like I have the most instincts with dogs but I welcome all pets.  I’ve photographed cats, hedgehogs and rabbits!  I really love photographing cats with their eyes and whiskers.  My studio lighting really brings out a depth to their eyes that is incredible.

What challenges have you experienced along your journey?  

 As a first time small business owner, I’m often challenged with how to make best use of my time.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of things I should be doing to grown my business.  I try my best to give myself permission to grow slowly and genuinely and also forgive myself quickly after making a business decision that didn’t turn out the way I planned.

How do you handle challenging dogs?

 I’ve worked with people who were cautious to think that their dog may not do well in a photo session. I believe that part of the secret sauce to my experience is that even a challenging pup feels comfortable in my studio trailer.  Because I’m just outside of their home, the parents are relaxed which translates to their dogs also being relaxed.  I can see the convenience for them when they need to run back inside their home to grab their dog’s favorite toy or treat.  Sometimes we’ll even take a break and go for a walk around their neighborhood to reset between photos.  My favorite response from a client is when they exclaim how their dogs never let them take photos but that I’ve captured them perfectly

Or end of life Sessions for Pets?

 My trailer is especially suited for pet parents going through the heartbreaking time of sharing their last days with their beloved pet.  I’m available for emergency home sessions when it’s that time that we all dread.  I’m in tears mostly during the session but am so happy that I’m able to capture the bond that parents share with their fur babies and it warms my heart that they invite me into their lives during such a delicate time.

Can you explain your Pricing and what’s included? 

 I have a session fee that covers the time spent to plan, create, capture, edit and present the photos. That is $149.  I include a 5×7 desk print to help people get their order started.  I’m all artwork based so people simply order the artwork that they love.  A normal investment in artwork is $1,500.  I offer wall art in canvas, framed prints.  I also offer heirloom albums for people looking for a fuller collection of photos.  I believe that our dogs deserve to be legends on our walls and my mission is to make it fun and easy for people to get artwork of the fur babies up into their homes.

What is the Website to follow for “Fetch Photo Truck” ?


@fetchphototruck on IG, FB and TikTok!

I’m happy to extend $50 off my session fee for anyone who reaches out and mentions VIBE.

Session fee includes:

phone consultation to learn more about your dog(s)

a photo session for up to two dogs from the same household inside Fetch Photo Truck

a same-day purchase appointment to select your favorite images

plus a 5in x 7in desk print

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