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Hi Sally!  Tell us a bit about your background and your story leading up to starting “A Whole Lotta Happy” E Bike IceCream Sandwiches?

My name is Sally Davis, the owner of A Whole Lotta Happy~ an E-Bike business bringing happiness to Denver one bite at a time.  My daughter and I launched our ice cream cookie sandwich business in June 2022.  After many years in the hospitality industry I was ready for a new chapter. With the support of my husband, family and friends we created our ice cream sandwich concept. This adventure has allowed me quality time with my daughter and ignited my passion and love for people again.

What is like working with your daughter? 

I am blessed to have started this while my daughter, Sydney, is at an age where she is still interested in hanging out with her mom. She is always willing to help.  Next summer she will be involved in all facets of the business.  This year she primarily worked in the field, while I focused on process flow, recipes, and scheduling.  Every day I get to spend with her is important.  I have found that all our days have magical moments, whether it be talking about the wonders of being 12 years old (just turned 13), laughing over something silly, or working hard as a team to manage all the details. The time I get to spend with her has made this business the best decision I have ever made.. This little ice cream cookie sandwich business has made our whole family more connected and richer beyond any monetary compensation..

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FB:  A Whole Lotta Happy – Orders/Private Events

I am working the fall, winter/ holiday events now.  Today, I don’t have specifics to share but once we do, it will be posted on @denverhappysandwiches.  Please follow us!

Gift boxes can be ordered anytime by sending a request to

All of the ice cream cookie sandwiches are made with homemade chocolate chip cookies and varying flavored ice cream. We have Gluten Free options most days, and Dairy Free upon request.

Regular flavors: Vanilla, Mudslide, Cherry, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, Mocha Almond Fudge, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip. Weekly flavors vary and include 5-6 of the options.

Fall flavors are now available: Pumpkin and S’mores

Holiday Options will be coming: Peppermint and Eggnog

What are some of your favorite places to sell your products? 

We have been fortunate to have many gracious partners throughout the summer.  At the start, we determined breweries would be a perfect venue for the business, as they often had food trucks. We believed AWLH would complement the truck’s offering.  Nate, owner of Long Table Brewhouse in Park Hill, was the first to give us the opportunity to share our product with the community.  Long Table is one of our favorite breweries, whether we are working or just meeting up with friends it is an example of true community at its best. Through word of mouth we were able to expand our locations including Station 26,  Novel Strand (Baker Neighborhood), Cohesion Brewery (York Street Yards), and New Terrain (Golden).  We are grateful for their generosity, they have all been exceptional partners.  In addition, we enjoyed success at some of the Swim and Tennis Clubs throughout Denver as well as multiple private events, such as birthday parties and block parties.  I would like to highlight the kindness of two specific food trucks: Yuan Wonton and Ninja Ramon. In addition to the outstanding food they serve, they helped us to forge relationships keeping us busy all summer.

Why do you think it is important that our Denver community should support small businesses like yours?

I believe that the opportunity to create connections is the most important reason to support local businesses.  There is a magic that happens when it’s personal for both you and your customer.  The time, dedication, love and passion for whatever the product cannot be replicated by a large retailer.  I am grateful that not only am I a local business, I am able to partner with other local businesses and provide another link in the community.

What accomplishments in 2021/2022 you are most proud of? 

The thing I am most proud of in the last year is my willingness to take the leap of faith by removing myself from the traditional work environment and taking a chance on being A Whole Lotta Happy!

Are you from Colorado? Why did you choose to call Park Hill neighborhood your home? 

I am from the Chicago area.  When I met my husband he was living in Park Hill, then moved to Chicago when we got married. Fortunately we kept the house during that time.  In 2012 our renter gave notice and both of our companies were sold all within 2 months.  We took this disruption in our life to mean, it was time for a new start in Denver.  We packed up and moved back in Fall of 2012.  We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

I love Denver!  The town is welcoming, down to earth, and provides an easy going lifestyle.  It also offers the opportunity for great adventure, exceptional dining, fantastic music, culture and community.  Add in the 300 days of sunshine, it’s one of the best places to live and raise a family, in my opinion.

What are your favorite local Denver spots/business?  ?

Honey Hill Cafe

Long Table, New Terrain, Cohesion, Station 26, and Novel Strand

Lucina Eatery

Hardt Family Cyclery

Bluebird and Ogden Theater

Moss Flora

Odyssey Italian

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