Meet Elisabeth Grace |

Denver Artist

Hi Elisabeth! What’s  your back story on becoming an artist? 

Hello there! My name is Elisabeth, and I am a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Denver. I have been in love with art for as long as I can remember. My dad is an artist and graphic designer, so I think that informed my interest in it, and having my parents’ support to pursue this path helped a lot too! I studied oil painting at CU Boulder and classical renaissance-style painting in Florence, Italy.

Upon graduating from school, I started working for Anthropologie as a display artist working on window and interior displays. This is where I learned about three-dimensional/ installation art and fell in love with this hugely expansive medium! When COVID hit in 2020, things shifted, and I decided to work for myself as an artist full-time. This is when my love for collage, hosting workshops, painting, and murals really took off.

While I work in many different mediums and styles, my inspiration always comes back to the human connection to the natural world. Since I was young, I have always felt a deep connection to nature, even if it was just in the backyard of the home I grew up in in Denver- climbing trees, making first from branches, and examining the intricacies of plants and flowers. Today, I find that I feel the most free, connected, and whole when interacting with the earth, and my work is an attempt to re-create that ineffable feeling within the viewers of my art.

What are some of your most popular types of pieces? 

Lately, my focus has shifted mainly to painting, and I’m doing a lot of large-scale abstract work. Most of my time creating is in the form of commissions which I love. I really like collaborating with clients to create something perfect for their homes!

If people want to shop your Art Online- How can they?

Anything coming up in 2023 you want to promote or that you’re working on?

Can you tell us more about your Collage Workshops and booking for private parties?

First Friday in August! The show will be at Skylight, and I will be collaborating with the amazing Jessi Von for the second year in a row.

As for my private collage workshops- they are wonderful for everything from birthdays, to showers, to company parties. I offer them both online through zoom (which is great for groups located in all different places) and in person. I guide the group in creating a frame-able piece of collage art using vintage coffee table books, magazines, and stencils. The process is similar to a vision board experience in that you are cutting up books and magazines. However, I like to provide the framework to make the final product more of an art piece than a school project.

What types of spaces have you done Murals in? What’s that process like?

Most of my mural work has been in retail, residential, and wellness spaces. Murals are something I’m focusing on creating more time for in 2023. Whether in a commercial or residential setting, I love working at this scale to bring life to a space.

The process is relatively simple. I like collaborating with the client to get a feel for the type of energy they want for the space. I will tie in themes relevant to the offerings and people who use the room/building. Things like color, texture, shapes, etc., have a huge impact on the overall vibe that the space will have once the mural is complete. I like to create digital sketches until we land on something that feels exactly right. Then the fun part- bringing it to life!

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home? 

I am indeed from Colorado! I grew up in Park Hill and currently live in Mayfair, which is adjacent to Park Hill… I haven’t strayed far! I love living in East Denver because it feels accessible to everything. I also LOVE not having to stress about parking or super narrow streets. We live within a few blocks of a handful of parks which is really nice for daily walks to get refreshed and inspired!

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

I would describe Denver as fun, casual, and passionate. I think the people who live here (native or not) have a lot of pride in this city and everything it offers. I have so many favorite nature spots/hikes in Colorado- too many to name! Since I went to school in Boulder, I fell in love with many hikes there- which I still frequent multiple times a year. My favorite trail is the Royal Arch trail at Chautauqua. I love hiking solo- putting headphones in and being alone with the forest.

What are some of your favorite Nature Spots in the Denver/ Colorado area? Some of your favorites businesses?

As for Denver businesses, some of my top favorites are the Botanic Gardens, the MCA and DAM, Stowaway, Sacred Thistle, The Ramble hotel, Fort Greene, Middle State, Safta, Señor Bear, Izakaya Den, Terra Apothecary, Dio Mio, Meek Vintage, White Pie, FM, Lula Rose, Root Down, and La fillette.

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