Meet Anthony & Melissa Davis, owners of 2914 Coffee. Their story? Well, it involved living in a neighborhood they love & wanting to start a business they are passionate about close by. They also happened to fall in love, get married & when they found themselves happily married with the 2914 space they discovered the perfect name for their coffee shop. If you haven’t already head on over to 2914 and fall in love with their coffee & ambience. We sure have!

2914 Coffee



What neighborhood is 2914 Coffee in?

We live in Potter Highlands and wanted to open a business close to our home. We saw great potential in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. It was one of the few untapped areas in Denver.  

Why did you choose Jefferson Park?

The people in the neighborhood are what really make our business what it is.  There is a wonderful sense of community that you can feel when you are in Jefferson Park.


Why are you passionate about your business & your community? What’s the story?

It’s really amazing to get to be part of a growing community. The neighborhood transformation from almost four years ago to now is beyond what we hoped for.

What inspired the look and design of your business?

The inspiration of the design of our business was to have a space where people felt at home. Modern, clean, and comfortable.




No one knows Northwest Denver & Jefferson Park better than Irene Glazer. Any questions about the community reach out to her!