Cabal is the owner of Decade and he spends a few minutes today sharing his “why” behind the amazing boutique. Decade has long been one of the go to places on S. Broadway due to the highly fashionable clothes, furniture and gifts. It is part of what defines and makes up the eclectic and cool vibe of the Baker neighborhood. Baker would not be Baker without it!  



Why did you choose Baker to do business in?

I checked out several locations, but it was all about the people. The Baker neighborhood has a one of kind vibe, and personality all its own.

What about Baker jives with your business culture?

Decade is a one of kind shop with unique items you cannot find anywhere else. Just like Baker has one of a kind individuals and unique personalities you don’t see everywhere else.
From an early age, ever since my 7th grade teacher complimented me on my outfit, I have wanted to open a store. I want to recreate that feeling I felt from that compliment for others. I am passionate about expressing my creativity and helping people be fashionable and unique. Decade can help people do that in many areas of one’s life with their clothing, gifts, and furniture.

What inspired the look & design of your business?
I am the second owner of Decade so it really was the previous owner who inspired the look of Decade. For her it was her love of vintage and finding old treasures. Her vision for the store and mine line up almost exactly. It is a way for us to express our creativity and share our love for gifts, fashion and vintage finds with others.



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