Birdsall & Co.

Mother + Daughter Owned


Tell us a bit about Birdsall & Co? 

Birdsall & Co. is locally owned and operated by a mother + daughter team that loves educating and inspiring their customers. Annie, who is French, has more than 30 years of experience in landscape designs combined with technical expertise. Together with daughter Morgan, they work hard to curate collections of only the highest quality, with the least environmental impact, and the ability to enhance your connection to nature.

Birdsall & Co. has been selling legacy-quality garden decor in Denver since 1988, and changed ownership 10 years ago. We are a woman-owned, family-owned and -run business. Our main location is at 2870 South Broadway in Englewood – this location has tons of plants, but also has the outdoor fountains, containers, and garden decor we’re most known for. Our new downtown location is at 3040 Blake Street in the heart of RiNo – this much smaller boutique is full of indoor containers and receives weekly shipments of hand-picked indoor plants. We have chosen not to sell our plants online; we prefer to select the most beautiful, unique, healthy, even funky plants for our stores, instead of buying in bulk and sight unseen in order to sell online.

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Do you have any events or promotions coming up you’d like people to know about? 

We are excited to host a stop of the Book Tour for the hosts of Bravo’s “Backyard Envy” show:
Join us for an evening of cocktails, botanical bites from The Botanical Bakery of Denver and a Q & A and Book signing with the hosts of Backyard Envy!
This event will be on March 28th at our Broadway location, so stay tuned to our Instagram ( @BirdsallCo ) and our website for details!
You can purchase  tickets   <<< Here
We also typically do a monthly Houseplant 101 Workshop and sprinkle in propagation and advanced plant care classes, terrarium classes, wreath-making workshops in the winter, even collaborative events highlighting botanical cocktails and other local businesses.

Are you a Colorado founded business?  Why did you choose to locate your business in the neighborhood it’s in?

We are a Colorado business, through and through! We used to be located on Broadway in Antique Row and had to move to find more space for our expanding business, but have always loved South Denver for its quirky neighborhoods and strong sense of community. Our location in Englewood is on a rapidly-evolving stretch of Broadway, and we are very attracted to the neighborhood’s entrepreneurial personality. It’s the same reason we love the RiNo neighborhood – it’s changing all the time and in ways we could never have predicted just a few years ago!

What do you love about Denver?

It’s thrilling to be a part of a city that is stretching, changing, and defining its authentic identity as it does. We want to be on the ground floor of the grand experiment that is Denver today. Everyone who works in the store has made a conscious choice to live and thrive in Denver, and we can’t think of a better city for the kind of store we want to nurture. Our bedrock principle in the store is that everything we sell should contribute to our innate biophilia, and Denverites, with our love of the outdoors and a lifestyle that is so deeply influenced by how we live our lives outside, make that a successful business philosophy for us.

What are your favorite local Denver places? 

The Bluebird for live music, Indie 102.3 on the airwaves, Room for Milly for the salted thyme honey gin martini, Q House for those salt and pepper head-on shrimp, Judith & Joe for always having the earrings I didn’t know I needed.

How would you describe the personality of Denver?

Denver is bursting with innovation and energy. As a life-long Denverite, I’ve seen this city evolve into a world-class place to live, play, and run a business.

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