The Groovy Bar

70’s Themed Secret Bar in LoHi

Denver Vibe has the latest scoop on Denver’s newest underground concept cocktail establishment:  “The Groovy Bar”.  

Beneath The Post Chicken + Beer ’s new location in LoHi (right next to Little Man Ice Cream), you’ll immediately be transported to another decade: the 1970’s.

You’ll find photo worthy spots in every corner; a groovy wallpapered basement filled with roller-skates, Stevie Nicks posters,  70’s game shows, and the perfect musical 70s vibe that Denver needed all along. 

Location: 1575 Boulder Street

Hours are still being solidified, but right now the Groovy Bar is open Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m. 

For more info: Visit

*Please do not contact Denver Vibe for reservations. This is a feature review article of The Groovy Bar.  Denver Vibe has no business affiliation with The Groovy Bar.

Not only will you find funky and comfy orange chairs that complete the 70’s aesethic, but they’ve gone full on 70’s Speakeasy basement with the fun glasses their cocktails are served in.
You’ll find The Grasshopper (pictured next to the vintage telephone). And Their spin on the Old Fashion (The Western Old Fashion), being lit up with their menu.
Harrison, one of the owners of the bar, let us know that there are rumors of the Groovy Bar being haunted. Apparently, legendary Cowboy/ Solider Buffalo Bill died in Denver and his body was kept underneath the Post. Right next door to The Groovy Bar, you’ll find “Linger”, now a lively restaurant with a rooftop, it was once a Mortuary. Hence the rumors of the area being haunted…

But not to worry, these vibes are more Speak Easy than Spook Easy.  Think “That 70’s Show Basement” with a modern twist!

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