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Introduce yourself to our readers / followers. Tell us a bit about your back story and how you came in to Interior Design?

[Sormeh] Hi, all! I am Sormeh Salimpour, Founder and Creative Director of Interiors by Sormeh. I was introduced to the world of design at a very young age, as my mother has been in the industry for as long as I can remember. After working in wardrobe styling for a handful of years I made the seamless transition into interior design and worked for my family business for 11 years, which then led me to start my own company a little over a year ago.
[Dalton] Hello friends! I am Dalton Massa, Director of Design Operations of Interiors by Sormeh. Since I was young I have had an obsession with architecture and design. I have spent many years circling around design and after making the decision to put permanent roots in Denver I choose to take a leap and join the team at Interiors by Sormeh.

How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

[Sormeh]I would describe my design aesthetic as modern with touches of trend and glamour. I am a minimalist by nature, which is evident in my designs as well as a firm believer of mixing investment pieces with unique lower end finds.
[Dalton] I would describe my design aesthetic as modern with vintage influences. I love clean lines, symmetry, and strong architectural moments.

For Sormeh- We know you have a background in Fashion PR- what celebrity clients did you work with?

I had the privilege of working along side of celebrity stylist, Monica Rose, who’s clientele was The Kardashians, Mindy Kaling, and La La Anthony to name a few. What I love so much about fashion and interiors is that it challenges my mind and creativity in the same way, the difference is simply styling a person vs a space.

How did you and Dalton meet and start working together?

Dalton and I met five years ago, through a mutual friend… and the rest is honestly, history. We clicked instantly. Our passion for interior design has always been at the forefront of our friendship and after dancing around the idea for far too long, it only felt right for Dalton to join the Interiors by Sormeh family.

Tell us about the process of designing a space for someone; From concept to completion? How can people book your services? 

[Dalton] Personally I believe I need to walk and be in a space. I like to feel the space, see how natural light impacts the space, and most importantly how our clients will live their day to day lives in the space. We then take inspiration from other spaces of our clients, images or references that our clients are attracted to, and sometimes cultural or fashion influences also lead our creative process.

Are you from Colorado? 

[Sormeh] I was born and raised in California, growing up in the Bay Area with college taking me to Southern California at eighteen, where I lived some of my best years until I was 31 years old.
[Dalton] I was raised in southern New Mexico in green chile, pecan, and wine country. I have lived in the Denver Area on and off for 9 years.

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

[Sormeh] I have always wanted to live downtown. There is something about the skyline and hustle of the city that calms my soul. It is not my forever home, but I always knew I wanted to experience living in downtown Denver before I settled down somewhere a little more quiet and slower paced.
[Dalton] Growing up I always dreamed of living in the heart of a metropolitan area and I have lived in many of the suburbs of Denver but never got to experience downtown living. On my return to Denver I choose the Cap Hill area based on walkability and the historic architectural influence that surrounds my neighborhood.

What are your favorite local Denver businesses/places you want to shout out??

[Sormeh] Bodies by Perseverance (in Five Points) is my happy place. Fitness is a major part of my everyday life and this gym and the community it holds is unlike any other.
[Dalton] I knew Sormeh would say that, but our love language is food, two of our favorite places to visit together are White Pie in uptown and Bar Dough in LoHi.

What do you love about Denver? How would you describe the personality of Denver?

[Sormeh] I love the community here in Denver. It is extremely inclusive and everyone that I have personally come across wants to rise up together. I have a firm believer that there is room for all of us to succeed in this world, and Denver really exudes that mentality. The personality of Denver is laid back with a sort of approachable formality.
[Dalton] Personally I get a sense of home, growing up in a small town I always enjoyed seeing people at the grocery store or catching up at a farmers market. Denver gives you that same feeling, this is such a big city but I still bump into people at Trader Joes.

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