‘ShameOver’ Helps Master Moderation with A New Way to Drink 

Meet the Owner; Erica Mallery

Hi Erica! Can you tell us your story leading up to starting ShameOver? What is the Mission of ShameOver?

I’m Erica Mallery! I’m Mom to two little ones (and a pup) – the lights of my life – and I have an incredible hubby who is the best life partner I could ask for. Denver native and Buff Alum who loves sports, travel, laughing, and audiobooks, and I enjoy nothing more than connecting with others.   

I’ve always loved wine, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I questioned my alcohol consumption. Evening glasses of wine turned into a daily routine, and I knew it was time for a change. I started discussing it openly, only to find many echoing ‘ME TOO.’  

Online solutions pushed an all-or-nothing mentality, but I knew that wasn’t for me. So, I created something different —a flexible approach that worked for me and many others. Enter ShameOver and the Lose the Hangover Bootcamp! This journey transformed my life, and witnessing the empowerment it brings to others is my driving force.  

At ShameOver, my mission is to empower women to transform their relationship with alcohol with grace, confidence, and mindfulness. I believe in celebrating life without compromise and fostering a community that embraces the beauty of moderation. My goal is to guide women through a journey of self-discovery, helping them understand the ‘why’ behind their choices and providing the tools to savor every moment—with or without a drink. I dream of a world where every woman feels empowered, confident, and in control of her choices, creating a life that is truly her own masterpiece.  

Do you have any tips or a teaser for what people can expect when starting the ShameOver Program ? 

The ShameOver Squad (monthly membership) and most seasonal challenges (like Self Loveuary which is kicking off Feb 1!) are tailored specifically to women. In my experience, men have preferred either the 1:1 or the bootcamp route.  

What I hear the most is how grateful people are to be in such a supportive and empowering environment where any/all shame and judgment is left at the door. People are always surprised to learn so much about themselves but in a fun and curious way. The #1 thing I’ve probably heard the most is “I wish I’d found this sooner!” 

Why You have a Quiz on your site for folks to take:

 ( Quiz > Linked Here )

But what are some questions that might get folks thinking about when they’re looking to start the ShameOver Program?

This quiz is a great, quick, and fun way to figure out what option may be the best for you. Do you thrive when around others? Are you aware of your triggers?  It helps you know exactly where you are starting out as well as the best choice based on your personality and preferences.  

We have just finished “Dry January” that many people participate in.

You have a Blog Post called “How to Fail at Dry January” –  Can you Summarize your take on this?

Too often I see people doing their dry (or dryish) periods without any help, community/support, or planning. They spend the time usually white knuckling it, incredibly miserable, and making sure they stay away from their normal “triggers” as best as possible. The problem with this is, even though the reduction is great, it can be short lived because they aren’t doing the work to understand their relationship with alcohol. Unfortunately, this leads many people to start drinking again come February 1 (for example) and they usually end up drinking as much if not more than they were previously. I’m guilty of this myself. And that’s a big reason WHY I created ShameOver. We focus on making sip-sized changes which –overtime- leads to drastic results that you can easily stick with long term!  


What is included in your Packages? 

There are several ways to get involved, from Group Coaching to an at-your-own-pace bootcamp and success guide – there is something for everyone who wants to drink less. 

  • ShameOver SquadMaster Moderation Membership – $49/month 

  • Weekly Group Coaching 

  • 24/7 Access to Community and Support 

  • Members Only Portal/App 

  • 1:1 feedback 

  • Includes access to ALL THINGS ShameOver including the Lose the Hangover Bootcamp, all workbooks, guides, and masterclasses, plus all “Seasonal Challenges” like Dryish January and Self Loveuary. 

  • This is for ladies only 

  • Link – https://www.shameover.me/  

  • Ideal for those who genuinely want to change for the long term and believe it “takes a village”  


  • Lose the Hangover Bootcamp – $49 one-time payment 

  • 4-week interactive experience (with the convenience to go at your own pace) 

  • Daily Videos + Prompts via web app/online portal 

  • Digital Drink Tracker 

  • Private Community to help celebrate the wins and get you through those rough moments, too! 

  • Digital Workbook Guide Download which you can use time and time again 

  • Starting Out Assessment + Completion Survey 

  • Happier Hour – $7/month (mini-membership) 

  • 24/7 Access to Community and Support 

  • Members Only Portal/App 

  • 1:1 feedback 

  • Includes access to the ShameOver Vault which includes workbooks, guides, and masterclasses, plus all “Seasonal Challenges” like Dryish January and Self Loveuary. 

  • This is for ladies only 

  • Link – https://www.shameover.me/programs 

  • Ideal for those who genuinely want to change and value support but aren’t necessarily ready to go all in (in this option they do not receive weekly group coaching.) 

Here’s a good breakdown in case this is easier: 

  • Cut Back Like A Boss – $7 one-time payment 

  • Cut Back Like a Boss is the Ultimate Success Guide to drinking less LONG TERM.  

  • 50+ pages of interactive exercises and insightful prompts (digital download) 

  • Step-by-step guidance tailored for women seeking lasting change 

  • Strategies to understand and overcome urges 

  • Personalized Cut Back Comeback creation 

  • Confidence-building techniques for mindful choices 


  • Self Loveuary – Starts Feb 1 (but join anytime!) – $7 one-time payment 

  • +70 Page Journal (digital download) 

  • Access to 1:1 Feedback 

  • Daily Prompts 

  • Supportive Community 

  • Progress Tracker 

  • Private App and Online Portal 


  • I also do 1:1 coaching as well (mainly with men) but I’ve found women truly thrive in the group (ladies only) environment.  

What are some Testimonials of Folks that have participated in ShameOver and Group Coaching? 

Check out some of my testimonials here: https://www.shameover.me/success and here for FULL reviews: https://www.facebook.com/LoseTheHangover/reviews but a few of my favs include: 

“My life is now what I always knew it could be…The transformation to my far more authentic self is priceless”   

“You will absolutely see immediate results in your moderation…As a psychotherapist myself, I would highly recommend” 

“I am so, so grateful to have discovered ShameOver at this time in my life.” 

“I would 100% recommend to anyone who is thinking about their booze intake and looking to cut down.” 

“My relationship with alcohol has improved substantially.” 

What challenges have you experienced on your journey? Did the pandemic affect your business? 

My business was actually birthed because of the pandemic. Before I was doing life and career coaching, but thanks to the pandemic I shifted to focus on Moderation!

Business wise, it’s a hard topic for most to talk about openly for fear of judgment. I also have a fickle demographic that I work with – I’m not for people who need rehab and there are people who will never have an issue with alcohol consumption – But there are a ton of us out there who overindulge at times or who just want some support or help breaking the habit. With alcohol being such a huge part of our lives culturally there is a lot of FOMO there, too. Also, I don’t love social media so feeling like I have to constantly post isn’t authentic, nor does it come easily for me.

Drinking Wise – it was probably learning who I was without “liquid courage” and having the confidence in myself and my decisions without relying on the glass in my hand. I still drink (and love it when I do!) I just no longer use alcohol to cope or as a reward for getting through a stressful day. It is tough in the beginning (like with most habit changes) but I’ve found that nearly everything is best in moderation. And there is an incredible freedom in no longer having alcohol occupy my thoughts.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

Denver is warm, inviting, and friendly, but a bit temperamental. I guess Denver is a Gemini, just like me 😊  

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you choose to call home and why?

I’m originally from Littleton but have been mostly in Denver since graduating college. My family and I live in Cole/Whittier (we are right on the cutoff, so I refer to both mainly because I love both!) We’ve been in our home 10 years and absolutely love the neighborhood especially once we discovered the walkability during the pandemic. There are so many gems! 


How can we keep up with “Shame Over”?

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