Meet Marie Daher; Owner of “Methodize It” 

a Personal Organizer for Your Home + Business

Hi Marie!

Can you tell us about “Methodize It” and how you started your business

Hi everyone, my name is Marie Daher, the owner of Methodize It by Marie, personal organizing for home and business! Organizing has always been a passion of mine and I decided to take the leap last year to make it official! With a dozen personal moves under my belt, I have grown a knack of decluttering and purging items no longer needed and instead keep the essentials.

Having an organized space always created a sense of calm and relaxation from chaos. Being able to create a clean and structured space for clients is what brings me joy and leaves them with on less worry. I am excited for the opportunity to bring the joy of a clutter free and organized space to my clients!

Can you break down what types of services you provide? And the Pricing?

I have always been passionate about organizing and the joy it brings to creating a clean and clutter free space. Whether it is something simple as sprucing up a closet or complex as a playroom overhaul, each client is unique in their needs. I am here to help find a method that works best for you!

My services include home and office, both in person and virtually; Purging, Decluttering, Donation, Labeling, Space Planning, Trash Removal, Product Purchasing, and Implementation of Method.

For pricing, I charge $75 an hour, with a 3 hour minimum.

What areas do you serve in Colorado?

I serve the Denver metro area but can travel further to clients for a travel fee.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

Denver has an eclectic vibe, which you can find in each neighborhood, with a heavy emphasis on the outdoors. I love how active the city is, seeing people outside running trails, at the parks and in the mountains!

What would you say to folks considering “Methodize It” for their move?

I help remove the stress of organizing a space, whether it’s post-move or a space that has become overwhelming.

What are some Testimonials from Clients you’d like to share?

I have loved working with each client and their projects thus far, as they have all been different! Check out my website for more testimonials, a few of which are below!

“Marie is amazing. She can transform a space like no other. She makes a plan, that works for long term success and I am so glad we are working on my house and office room by room! You will be glad she can help you with your project, and feel not judged but empowered to get support and live more efficiently in a beautiful space.”

-Elizabeth B.

“Forever grateful to Marie for taking on the burden of my messy apartment! I work too much and do not have time to get myself organized how I’d like. Marie got me on the right track and tackled my chaotic place. Do not hesitate to book Marie — she will work with you to build a customized plan of attack for your space and ensure all of your needs are met! She will also set you up for success with maintaining your new and well-organized spaces. My place is night and day – I feel such a sense of peace and relief coming home from work now. Worth every penny and more!”

-Clare S.

 What challenges have you experienced along your journey? 

Navigating becoming my own boss has been a great journey. It has given me the freedom to do more of what I love, while also pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone to connect and network more! It has been a great learning experience, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

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