Meet Val Sarracino | Owner of Sarracino Boards

Hi Val! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us a bit about your background and your story leading up to founding Sarracino Charcuterie this year? 

Hello! My name is Valerie (Val) Sarracino and I am the founder of Sarracino Charcuterie & More. I am a latina who grew up in a family of immigrants. Growing up I watched my parents always work so hard so they could provide for their daughters. My parents are my inspiration to always be the best version of myself. Sarracino Charcuterie & More started from the help and guidance of my parents. They started their food truck business about 2 years ago, and they have been a role model of what hard work can do and the goals I can accomplish. I started this business because I fell in love with creating charcuterie and theme boards, but also adding my own twist to these boards. I like creating boards that everyone can enjoy and eat from, and show my creativity through my boards. That’s why I added Charcuterie & More, because I can create more than just charcuterie.

What are some of your favorite boards you’ve done? 

Some of my favorite boards I’ve done are the New Mexico theme board. This one is so special to me because it is very different to the boards you would typically find at other places and it reminds me of home (New Mexico). I made a green chile with cheese, green chile salsa, homemade tortillas, meat and pistachios. I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays, so I can create fun and unique theme boards.

How can people order through you? 

Currently the best way to contact me is through my Instagram, @sarracinoboards.

I also have my pricing that consists of:

  • small box that feeds 1-2 for $35
  • medium box that feeds 3-5 for $60
  • large box that feeds 8-10 for $100.

I also have desert boxes and cream cheese dips for $20-30.

For any orders bigger than a large box or any inquiries for bigger events/parties, it is best to email me at or to contact me through Instagram.

Why do you think it’s important for Denver folks to support small businesses like yours?

I believe that it is extremely important to support small businesses. I feel this way for a couple reasons. First, most small businesses are done through passion. Many owners feel passionate about their product and services. We need to support them to ensure they can continue to provide. I also understand the difficulties they have faced while going against bigger companies and box stores. They have the resources to make small businesses go out of business. It is up to the consumer to help ensure a healthy small business.

Are you from Colorado?

 I am originally from New Mexico. I moved to Denver because I fell in love with the environment and the people here. You can truly see how the community is kind and willing to support. Although I live here now my New Mexico culture can still be felt through some of my Hispanic themed boards.

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

The vibe of Denver is best described as unique. It is truly a place of shared cultures and perspectives. Countless people with different backgrounds, but they all come together to create a growing and shared community.

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