Could one conversation change your life? Jill Eleson thinks so! She believes so strongly in helping people get to the root of what they truly need to thrive that she is offering one FREE initial health consultation to anyone who says they found her through Denver Vibe!


Jill is a health coach & owner of WholeListically Yours. Her approach is to look at each individual, as an individual, with different health needs. Health is much more than just food & exercise in her practice. Health is the big picture – one’s nutrition, exercise, relationships, goals & boundaries. If you want to feel better than you have ever felt, in all areas of your life, give Jill a call!


Why did you choose Mayfair to do business in?

My business can be done from anywhere and with anyone in the world since I do phone-based health coaching, however we carefully selected where we live. 2.5 years ago we moved to Denver. My husband had to take a job with a different company. He told me his job was to find the job and mine was to find the neighborhood and schools we wanted. I knew immediately that I wanted to be in Central Denver and east of downtown. My husband bikes to work and I wanted him biking in the opposite direction of the sun since it is so blinding here! As I used different online resources and information from friends already living in the city, I settled on south Park Hill as my number one choice. Then I looked at real estate and realized, my budget was seeking a different neighborhood. That’s when I discovered Hale/Mayfair. For the two months my husband was job searching, I scoured real estate sites and fell in love with numerous homes to watch them be sold in a few days time. Once he got an offer, we came for our house hunting trip, we got to walk around the neighborhood before meeting with our realtor on a beautiful winter morning with sun and 45 degree temps. We fell in love with the neighborhood! Since moving in, we continue to be happy, pleasantly surprised and excited about the future with all the changes along East Colfax.


What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

My business culture is about helping people “Live Healthy Beyond Vegetables”. Our community is active indoors and out, the residents seek ways to balance their lives on more fronts than food and exercise, and value good strong community. It is fabulous how talkative everyone is as they are out and about, and my kids have met numerous friends just by being outdoors in our own neighborhood. Mayfair Park is a great place for such community when you have young kids. In the summers, we eat on the patio with the gate open and get to have lots of great conversations with passersby and occasional spontaneous drop-in dinner guests.  We love it!


Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?  

I am passionate about helping people “Live Healthy Beyond Vegetables” based on our Primary Foods – Career, Relationships, Spirituality and Physical Activity. When clients work with me, they get the opportunity to talk about themselves for an hour twice a month. Not something you will find with your doctor! Talking out loud has power! I empower clients to make their health a priority and start meeting their own deadlines, not everyone else’s. With step-by-step support and guidance, we figure out what is out of balance, how they might be getting in their own way, and how to establish gradual changes that will help them achieve and sustain lifelong health and wellness goals. As a result, they will know what works best for them in this confusing world of health and wellness, and it will be relevant to the demands in their life.


We all want to feel vibrant, but it won’t happen by reading a bunch of books or doing what your friend did. Our bodies have their own bio-individuality and that must be honored. That is where I found myself years ago. Even though I had always been into healthy living, I didn’t feel good day to day. I was tired, had poor digestion, was troubled with acne worse than in my teens, and my emotions were on a roller coaster. As I was figuring out that there was a different path to health than what had been ingrained in me my whole life, I got certified as a holistic health coach so I could help others. Our health is so much more than exercise and food. It requires a holistic approach with attention to the current way we are living.  Doing so with the help of someone trained provides the accountability and support we often lack when wanting to make changes in our life


What inspired the look of your business/ the design?  

I created the name WholeListically Nourished and my logo out of the desire to emphasize that what I do focus on is the WHOLE you. It requires getting at the root of problems by digging deep. When you do so, you can grow and flourish in amazing ways. So my logo came out of this vision of someone holding and supporting you as you grow into your authentic & vibrant self.  When I think of growth in nature, I think of spring and everything turning various shades of green. So my look became vibrant and green!

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