Michelle Golla is a running and wellness coach as well as  the owner of Run and Find Out What Happens. Her program focuses on training people to start running, helping them meet or exceed a personal best in a race or fitness groups, or any number of personal fitness goal they might have. She lives in Park Hill and shares her story today with Denver Vibe.


Run and Find Out What Happens



Why did you choose this neighborhood to do business in?

I have lived in Park Hill for the past fifteen years and am well connected to this neighborhood and its residents.

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?  

Park Hill is comprised of well-educated individuals who seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My skills in health and wellness, running and as a strength coach  are in demand as people seek to reach a new goal with their fitness or get started from the beginning.

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?  

I have been running, cross-training, and living a healthy lifestyle for thirty-two years. In addition, I have been coaching youth for ten years, adults for three years and have run in over one hundred races from 5K’s, 10K’s, half and full marathons, triathlons, adventure and trail races, to name a few!

At 17, I was unable to play basketball in college due to a torn ACL, and as a result  doctors advised me to take up running instead. In addition, I was dealing with being overweight. Not only did I change my diet but I took up running as suggested, and months later I was running up to sixty miles a week and had lost over fifty pounds. It wasn’t without persistence and struggles though, which is why I strive to help others achieve their goals step by step.

The main reason for running, the other forms of exercise I do and living a healthy lifestyle is to maintain balance with my mind, body and spirit, which has improved my overall wellness. The discipline of running has changed my life for the absolute better, and has permeated every aspect of my life.  I want to pass that onto others!

What inspired the look of your business/ the design?  

Honestly, the name “Run And  Find Out What Happens” and the design just popped into my head because you never know what good might  happen in your life unless you give it a try. The bright colors on my business cards and website reflect the energy and happiness running brings you in conjunction with making healthy choices!

babsA huge thank you to Babs with Live Urban Real Estate for her interview with Michelle. Babs lives and sells in Park Hill and knows it better than anyone. If you have any neighborhood questions reach out to Babs!