Zach and Lindsey were two of our very favorite clients in 2016. We so enjoyed helping them find their perfect home in West Highlands…what a great addition they make to the neighborhood!

What neighborhood do you live in?

West Highlands

Why did you choose West Highlands?

We moved from Riverfront Park and we love that we are still  able to walk to all of the fantastic restaurants, bars and shops, an amenity we consider hugely important. Between Highlands Square and Tennyson Street, we have a long list of great local places we can really easily access. We also really loved that although the area has grown so much recently, it has managed to keep a lot of its charm.  We’re also relatively close to downtown which makes it convenient to get to work and sporting events and just general nights out on the town!

What are your favorite local places?

There are so many, it’s hard to choose!  We love El Camino, Parisi, Matador, Sweet Cow, Hops and Pie, Brazen…I really could go on and on, a testament to the amazing options around! 

What do you love about Denver?

We really enjoy the fact that Denver is so close to the mountains and that our neighborhood has great access to and from I-70.  It’s a quick drive up to go hiking, skiing or camping. We also love the local vibe of Denver.  All of the small shops, restaurants and bars give the city such a friendly and unique quality that you simply can’t find anywhere else in a city of this size. Coming from the Midwest, this city has given us an easy and fun change in lifestyle while still maintaining that approachability we wouldn’t want to give up!

Are you from CO?

We’re from West Des Moines, Iowa.  

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Your neighborhood?

The Highlands is very lively.  Between the outdoor movies at The Historic Elitch Gardens Theater, the amazing Farmers Market in Highlands Square and even just walking around Tennyson Street, there are so many opportunities to meet and interact with our neighbors, all of whom are super friendly and enjoy talking about the city and neighborhood.  

How would you describe your personality?

Our personalities are very laid back and easygoing.  We both just like to have fun, take advantage of the awesome city, and meet people, so the Highlands is a perfect match.  




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