I met Gavin a few years ago as we both work in the real estate industry. He immediately won me and my business over as he is kind, professional and funny in a goofy way. I love people who are so down to earth they make you feel comfortable immediately. He is just real. I’m thrilled to have Gavin featured on Denver Vibe today! I think he represents what I find Denver people to be. Down to earth, real and damn good people!

1. What neighborhood do you live in?

I live in Henderson/Brighton Colorado but I grew up in Arvada.

2. Why did you choose that area? 

Henderson was a great central location for me to get to Denver and Broomfield quickly. It has also been a great place for me to start and raise my two boys.

3. What are you favorite local spots? 

All of my favorite spots are in Arvada. I would have to say Amici’s on 44th and Wads is my all time favorite place for Italian food. The Arvada Villa on Ralston and Garrison has the best Pizza in town and Los Arcos is where I still go for Mexican food. I tend to crave Italian food the most, so I would also recommend Enrico’s Deli on 80th and Chase by Lake Arbor for a really good sausage cannoli.

4. What does it feel like to live in Denver? How do you describe the vibe? 

I am a Colorado Native and could never imagine living anywhere else. The city is not overly congested and we have access to so much. I appreciate the general kindness of the people that live here and really the energy that Denver and the surrounding subs have to offer.

P.S. We love your vibe. What inspires your style? 

I am inspired by my two boys, snowboarding and golf. So my style changes with the seasons. I try to keep up with my sons and support all of the local supports teams. However, I am not nearly as cool as them. Just ask them… they will tell you. I also love t-shirts, hoodies, and a comfortable pair of jeans enjoying a good beer from any of the local micros. I always strive to have that feeling of just getting off the mountain having a good day of snowboarding and drinking a beer. It’s probably the most relaxing and rewarding state of mind I could be in. During the week I am a suit and tie guy but appreciate the moments when I can just relax in more comfortable clothes.